Business Greeting and Thank You Cards: Expert Customer Retention

In today’s busy electronic world, businesses must work harder than ever to develop customer loyalty. After all, your product or service is just a quick web search away, allowing shoppers to compare prices and features at lightning speed. It would be impossible to always have the lowest prices, and that typically isn’t a good business strategy anyway, unless you’re running a mammoth big box store. As a small business, you need to sell yourself and your company as someone worthy of your customers’ loyalty. Believe it or not, simple greeting and thank you cards can set you apart from the crowd.


Increasingly, customers are seeking some sort of personal connections with the people they do business with. Emails are easy to send, and most people’s in boxes are flooded. But personalized snail mail is an increasingly rare commodity. Taking the time to send a handwritten message targeted to that specific customer helps you build a bond that can last.

Alone Time

People tend to multitask when surfing the web. An email might be lost in the shuffle, or quickly clicked and deleted without much attention being paid to the message. To interact with a printed greeting or thank you card, the recipient must physically open the envelope and read the card. This gives you a few precious moments of your customer’s undivided attention, which can seal your business name in that person’s mind.


People forward memes and funny emails all the time, to the point that electronic shares have become just another part of the clutter. But a catchy or elegant printed card is more of a rarity. Your customer is likely to pin it up as part of a small collection, keep it on the coffee table, or pass it around to her friends. Each time that your existing customer handles the card represents another opportunity to build loyalty, while the other people who see it could become new customers.

Perceived Value

Do you ever watch cooking competition shows on TV? One of the chef judges’ favorite phrases is, “It tastes expensive.” All of the chef contestants are cooking with the same selection of ingredients, and are sometimes required to cook the same dishes. Yet some dishes somehow taste expensive while others fall flat.

Whatever your product or service, you want to make it seem expensive, and then sell it for a price that makes the customer feel he got a good deal. Printed greeting and thank you cards can help make your brand feel expensive. Customers are savvy, and they know that emails cost companies nothing. Your greeting cards need not be particularly costly, but they will dramatically increase the perceived value of your brand.


While there is nothing wrong with sending cards for major holidays, those cards are more likely to get lost in the shuffle. Try to recognize customers individually, such as on their birthdays or the anniversary of their purchase dates. Keeping a well-organized customer database makes this a lot easier to accomplish.

Card Design and Message

There is a fine line between personalization and over-familiarity. Save the goofy, mildly insulting cards for family members or friends who will get the joke. Keep your card’s message on point. Be casual and friendly, but avoid oversharing on a personal level. Be particularly careful with religious cards. Avoid them altogether unless you are positive you know the recipient’s beliefs, and even then, keep it light.

Your card design represents your brand. You don’t need to match colors and designs exactly, but try to stay within the same ballpark. For example, if you are known for an edgy, modern look, a Victorian greeting card will seem to come from out of left field. Likewise, if you own a funeral home, bold colors and strong designs will likely be unappreciated. It is acceptable to mention your brand slogan somewhere on the card, but be careful not to make it seem too sales-oriented. Your card is an opportunity to make a human connection, and that will be lost completely if it just seems like another sales pitch.

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