Business Start-Up Tips: Setting Up an Office

Start-up owners setting up an office are faced with a number of choices, some of which are naturally better, or more astute, choices than others. Business Start-Up Tips: Setting Up an OfficeFor start-ups establishing a home office, one of the best options is to use virtual office packages whilst those looking to establish a ‘proper’ office might also like to make good use of the products and services at business centres by hiring serviced office space, widely considered the most astute choice of office space for start-ups.

This isn’t to say that start-ups won’t find it advantageous to enter into a traditional office lease with a provider of office space, but rather that the other options available to them – virtual office packages for home based businesses and serviced office space in business centres – offer an enviably high degree of flexibility whilst enabling them to convey the image of business entities that operate in a professional manner.

Where to establish a business?

Start-ups essentially have two choices here – work from home and set up a professional work environment at home, or hire office space in a business centre or office building. This is a big decision and one that mustn’t be taken lightly; however, each and every business is different in this regard so the owner or manager of the start-up in question must first ask themselves several questions, including:

• What’s my budget and can I afford to hire office space?

• What’s to be gained by relocating to office space?

• Is my business ready to be relocated from home to an office?

These are just a few of the many questions that need to be asked before hiring office space in a business centre or office block, or alternatively, continue to work from home but render the home office a more professional work environment.

Setting up a home based office

If you’ve decided that your start-up business isn’t ready to relocate to a business centre or office building then there’s no need to rush into anything you’re not ready for. The transition from the home office to a hired office space isn’t something that you’ll want to rush and it could harm your business financially if you’re not yet ready.

If you’re to continue working from home for the time being you’ll need to work from a dedicated office space, especially if you’re working with others. If you won’t have clients visiting your office there’s no need to go overboard here, though bear in mind that workspace has a direct effect on productivity and morale so decorate and outfit your office accordingly.

Virtual office packages are an excellent choice for start-ups currently based at home because they’ll possess a business address and they can also access a variety of admin and business support services that enable them to convey a professional image – these include call handling and mail forwarding – to their business peers and client base. What’s more, when they need to meet with clients they can do so at the business centre by hiring meeting space.

Relocating to a business centre

If your start-up business is ready for the transition from home to an office space then serviced office space in a business centre is most likely your best bet here. BE Serviced Offices are located throughout the Southeast and come with everything that a start-up requires to operate, plus they’re available in a wide range of layouts and sizes, everything from single person and temporary office space to project and team office space.

There are a number of benefits associated with hiring serviced office space as a start-up, including all inclusive bills that make budgeting simple, flexible contracts that enable start-ups to expand the amount of office space they hire so that their offices grow alongside them, and full access to the facilities in the business centre, including breakout areas and meeting rooms.

Many providers of serviced office space don’t charge upfront or exit fees, nor do they require a deposit, plus start-ups also benefit from such an arrangement because they’re presented with excellent networking opportunities that they aren’t able to access at home, so don’t overlook this favourable benefit when deciding whether to relocate your start-up or continue working from home.

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