How Businesses Can Strengthen Infrastructure and Keep Employees Happy

Keeping employees happy isn’t always an easy feat as a growing company. Often expansion can cause a feeling of uneasiness or alienation among employees if it happens too fast or without warning.  How Businesses Can Strengthen Infrastructure and Keep Employees HappyIf you’re one of those moving on up in the business world, it’s crucial that you quell this workplace tension by using your growth to boost morale and create a better environment for you and your employees.


First and foremost, functionality at work is essential. Despite what you do for a living, more than likely there is a set of tools you need to complete daily tasks, and if you don’t provide your employees with these supplies, you can greatly hinder productivity. Although every workplace is different, there are still certain things that every employee needs to make it through the day.

• Most working people know how much of a difference a cup of coffee can make. It may not be the healthiest thing around, but providing your employees with coffee on a daily basis will help fuel them throughout the day.

Lockers are great for deterring theft and freeing up overall space around the office. They come in many different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for any office setting.

• Whether you work in a kitchen, at a magazine or in a coal mine, it’s imperative that you provide your employees with all necessary supplies. If anyone is short what they need, or at risk of running out, act fast and order more.


Work is anything but entertaining, but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil in everyone’s life. Regardless of how fun your job may be, there is always a way to at least make it a little bit more exciting. If your office could use a bit more flavor, there is a series of things that can be done to spice it up and keep your employees coming back for more every day.

• Television can be a great time waster; it can also be a nice break from the daily grind. If you have adequate space, hook up a TV so your employees can take a moment out of their day to unwind.

• A dedicated break room is a must have. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just needs to be present and accessible by employees.

• Not every workplace can house arcade games or a PlayStation 3, but a deck of cards and some board games are perfect for employees on break that either need something to do or need to blow off some steam.


Comfort isn’t typically something people would associate with work, but it is an important part nonetheless. Providing your employees with comfortable places to sit and stand proves beneficial in many ways. Added comfort not only demonstrates to them that you care for their wellbeing, it is also easier on their bodies and mind, therefore allowing them to work longer.

• Proper, ergonomic seating can help prevent back pain amongst your employees. It may be more expensive than less comfortable seating, but will surely keep your workers happy.

• For those that spend a majority of their workday in an office, a patio is an invaluable resource. It offers an opportunity to not only get some fresh air, but also center your thoughts.

• The health benefits of natural light are aplenty. It keeps people happy, increases productivity, betters overall mood and is best utilized by seating employees near windows around the workplace.

Keeping employees happy is one of the most important parts of owning a business. No matter how big your operation is it’s up to you to provide your employees with what they need and an environment that is conducive to the work they are doing. After all, a company is only as strong as those that it employs.

About James Anderson

James Anderson is a former business adviser and current writer for School Lockers. He spends his summers camping in the Idaho wilderness and his winters holed up at home waiting for Springtime to roll back around.