Can a Small Business Close the Sale with Audio Conferencing?

A successful conference call doesn’t just happen. You need to plan your call well and stick to the plan. While it can be tricky to manage multiple callers, you can close the sale on a conference call if you know what you’re doing.Conference call

Create an agenda

Planning is the key to any sales strategy and audio conferencing is no different. Make a list of everything you want to cover on the call. If you will be the principle speaker, make sure that you test how long it will take to say everything you need to. Then add on time for questions. No one likes to stick around when a call has gone on too long.

Stay on topic

You will also be responsible for keeping the call on track. If someone begins to as unrelated questions, assure them that you will talk to them privately. Then move the conversation back to the conference topic.

Keep it short

While conference calls do tend to be longer than the average phone call, there’s no reason to go over your time. Most people will not be willing to stay on the line for more than an hour. If you lose their attention, you lose the sale.

Keep it interactive

People can get bored if you are the only person talking the entire time. Take a moment to ask for opinions or anecdotes from others on the call. Everyone will appreciate the change.

Offer a solution

First, let people know that you understand their problem. Then provide them with a solution. It is the easiest way to ensure sales. People want to solve their problems and if you have the product that will make their life easier, they will want to buy.

Give a call to action

Don’t be vague about what you want people to do. Tell them clearly to purchase the product or visit your site. If you don’t tell them, most people will never check your offer out.

Offer a discount

Since your listeners took the time to sit and listen to you for an hour, give something back. If they buy within the next 24 hours, give them a discount or something extra for free. A bonus is a good way to make people take action. The best part is that they will take action quickly.

Limit availability

Another very effective technique is to simply limit the number of buyers. You can do this with a service or a product, or you might offer a limited number of discounts. When people are given time limits, they will usually make a purchase faster.

Follow up with an email

Follow up is vital to close the sale. You may have people from the call who are still on the fence and the email will have them reaching for their wallets. It’s also a good way to remind those who intended to buy. Sometimes life gets busy and people forget what they had planned. Remind them and get the sale.

You will find that you make more sales when you take the time to plan everything out. Close those sales by offering a bonus or discount and then follow up on the call.

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