Are You Making the Mistake of Not Actually Checking References?

As a small business owner, do you actually check the job references that your candidates provide? As an applicant for a job with a small business, are you confident the references you provide are going to have positive things to say about you? Job referencesHere’s some career advice – check your references before you provide them to a potential employer. No matter which side you fall on, employer or candidate, references should be checked. The below video is a good reminder for entrepreneurs and job candidates alike; don’t leave this important step un-turned.


How long has it been since you actually talked with the people you’ve listed as job references? And when we say ‘talked,’ we don’t mean texted, emailed, pinged on LinkedIn, or any other non-personal method of communication. You need to speak with them and get an understanding of what they might say if they were contacted. You’ll be better able to read hidden signals if you talk with them. If you get any type of bad feeling, choose someone else as a reference.


Are you skipping the final step in the hiring process by not calling all references of your final candidate? Not a good idea. A candidate may look like the perfect addition to your small business, but you’d be surprised what a former employer might say about a person. Give them a call, listen for any hesitancy in their responses. If you get a bad feeling from a former employer of the job candidate, you might want to look closer at your second choice for the opening.

See how Brad responds when he’s called to give a reference. It might be eye opening.

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