Characteristics of an Ideal Blog for a Small Business Website

Many small businesses know the importance of a web presence in the success of their business. However, of the small businesses that do have websites, very few understand the importance of having a well maintained blog. Maintaining a decent blog in their business website is one of the crucial aspects they are missing and falling behind the curve when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining the customers.Small business blog

Maintaining a decent blog in your business website is a sensible idea as it generates targeted traffic to your website. This article discusses the characteristics of an ideal blog.

Well-structured and organized

People today like to read and get informed before they make any purchase decisions. They are actively looking for information on the Internet. Many small businesses in spite of knowing this fact, do not try to educate their audience with the information their visitors are looking for.

The blog in your business website should be able to make a positive first impression on visitors. This is very important because if the blog is not well structured and organized, visitors will not read the articles in your blog. The web page of the blog should have a professional look.

Should have a variety of information

Small business owners should have their website blog with information on various topics (topics related to your specific business). You could post updates, research driven articles, current trends in business/industry, etc. Think of what your audience would like to know about your products/services, and write accordingly. Avoid writing on topics that are not related to your niche.

Should keep audience up-to-date

Your business blog should give comprehensive news on the current trends in the market, behavior of businesses, consumers, etc. Update the content regularly as it gives a reason for the visitor to return to your site. Further, schedule content that you are going to publish, and follow the schedule.

Relevant images

Images create a positive impact on the audiences. Images make your blog more effective, if you use them as supportive evidence or as illustration for content in text. Images give better clarity. Make sure the images are relevant to content, clear, and are not blurred. Use of appropriate images makes the content engaging.

Tone/language should be interactive

Use an interactive tone while you give an opinion, while writing content. Use simple and short sentences for clarity. You could address your audience as ‘you’. This makes the content interactive and audience feel comfortable.

Should encourage customer interaction

While interacting with audiences, small business owners should encourage audiences to interact with them. By doing so, it will give an impression that you care for their concerns/issues. To facilitate interaction, you could have a comments column in your blog. You could also use social media icons such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+1, etc., in your blog.

Be sure to reply to comments from your customers. If comments are negative, check out the reason and make sure to address the issue in a balanced way as soon as possible.

As an owner of a small business, you need to remember that visitors to your website are valuable assets. To stay competitive in the industry, you need to retain your current customers, and convert more visitors into customers. Leverage your business blog to educate, interact, communicate, address concerns/fears, etc. of your customers. This will make your blog ideal and increase the chances of selling your products/services.

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