How Chatbots Became the Go-To Tool for Small Businesses

It used to be that any customer trying to resolve issues outside of business hours would be left helpless. If there was a problem, it would be unlikely that anyone would be around to try and fix it.chatbots

Questions and order issues would go similarly unanswered, likely until the next business day. Time sensitive issues could expire during this wait period, or even worse the customer could lose interest. However, thanks to the rise of chatbot development for business, that is in the past. Chatbots are able to resolve many customer care concerns instantly, anywhere, and at any time.

The Customer Service Appeal of Chatbots

With the number of people who use social media daily in the millions and growing, businesses have progressively been adapting to the online world. Social media platforms are a great way to reach out to and build a customer base, and an interactive chatbot provides a more ‘personalized’ experience for the customer.

In only 6 months, Facebook chatbots increased by over 200%. The reach chatbots have is difficult to replicate through other methods.

When businesses are flooded by customer contact, it makes it hard to balance providing new and fresh content, focusing on other aspects of the firm, and helping customers all at once. Chatbots streamline this process, freeing up associates to help work through more complex issues that are referred to them through the bot, rather than spending their days answering simple questions.

Chatbots also help to level the playing field among industry competitors. They are low cost and extremely accessible, so small businesses are able to use them to compete with bigger, more established firms.

Is There Anything Chatbots Can’t Do?

A well-developed chatbot can do a wide variety of things: it’s able to solve issues quickly and easily, you can customize it to send reminders about new products and events, and it is also able to deliver your product directly to the client rather than them having to go through multiple screens. Additionally, tags and files can be compiled on customers in order to develop long-term relationships, a feature which is often used in QSR apps that enable food ordering.

Users can use a chatbot to subscribe to certain content, and receive notifications from the bot as soon as the content is released. The technology can use maps, find speakers, allow you to explore a brand, and more. They can also be used to streamline restaurant ordering processes, remembering previous orders and alerting you to when your food is ready. This can get cut down wait lines and make brick and mortar businesses run more fluidly.

All of these developments and features are in the interest of helping the customer, which in turn helps the organization. While underdeveloped bots can present the danger of harming your company’s reputation by angering customers, a fine-tuned chatbot can boost sales numbers, result in happier customers, and save you money.

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