Why You Should Consider Hiring a Woman to Lead Your Customer Service Team

Although this may come across as a bit sexist, there are scientifically proven reasons why women tend to do better in customer service. This is not to say that men can’t do the job as well, but statistics indicate that women havebusiness woman something inherent in their genetic makeup that makes them ideal candidates to lead a customer service team. Here is some of what this theory is based on.

Empathy Is the Foundation of Customer Service

Before looking at why women may have a better genetic makeup for leading a customer service team, let’s look at why empathy is so important in the job description. According to a recent study conducted by Penn State University, customer service reps should show more emotion. They should be sympathetic to the needs and concerns of the customer and show a genuine response, an empathetic demonstration to that customer’s feelings.

Whether it is in sales or in the complaints department, this study indicates that customers want you to really ‘hear’ them. They don’t want to be sold something they don’t need, and they want you to ‘fix’ what is broken. It is your job to be empathetic to their needs so that they can walk away satisfied that you are doing all you can.

Empathy Is Genuine or It Isn’t and the Customer Always Knows

One thing to be aware of is the fact that today’s world is getting smaller and smaller. Most markets are now dealing with a multitude of cultures and so it is necessary to communicate well with each and every one of them. While you may not know their language, you can express genuine empathy on a personal level. In fact, because of this, a degree in International Studies makes you the ideal candidate for the position of heading a customer service team. Just check out all the jobs you can do with this degree on the withmydegree.org website and you’ll see just how important customer service and empathy are in each and every career.

Studies Prove that Women Tend to Be More Empathetic than Men

Based on the premise that empathy is the foundation of customer service, now it’s important to understand why a woman might be better at the job. No, it isn’t a sexist statement but grounded in actual studies conducted by a group of doctors and scientists and documented on the NCBI website. This study chose male and female students in early primary grades, as well as in early middle school years. What they found was that at younger ages, boys and girls had just a slight difference in picking up on the emotions of others, but as they aged, that division became significantly marked. Their summation is that as we get older, the division gets even wider, and this led them to say, women are simply more empathetic than men.

In most areas of life, there is a general sense of equality. However, just like men tend to be naturally stronger than women because of their physical makeup, women have something going on that makes them more receptive to the feelings of others. There is nothing sexist about either of those statements even though there will always be exceptions to the rule. If you want great customer care based on an empathetic relationship with your customers, consider hiring a woman with the right credentials to lead the team.

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