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Do you want to submit a guest post for consideration to be placed on the small business Thought Reach blog? Articles posted to our blog are high quality and contain a bio of the author including a link back to your site (no affiliate links please). Articles submitted to Thought Reach become the property of Thought Reach, LLC (although we do promise to attribute you as the author. Guest Post Terms of Use). Articles may be edited by our staff as they deem necessary.

Article Requirements

  • Articles must be written by skilled writers (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, a coherent flow of the article)
  • Feel free to convey your personality and personal writing style in your article
  • Articles must share expertise that provide value. Ask yourself this question:  ‘does my article sound like I’m just trying to sell a product, or does it sound like I’m conveying expert information that a small business owner would find valuable?’
  • Bio information must be filled out (see below)
  • Rules for links in articles:
    • No affiliate links please
    • Normally, links in the body of the article are set to nofollow
    • Link in the author bio is set to dofollow
  • Articles must be geared towards helping small business owners learn about how to market or operate their business
    • Topics may include
      • Marketing a small business via:
        • WordPress websites
        • Email marketing
        • Social media
        • Or other other topics
      • How to run a small business
      • Other topics where small business owners would gain value

How to Submit an Article

NOTE: There can be a backlog of several days to get your article published. Please be patient. Our queue stays full.

  1. Create an account
  2. Fill out your author bio information by clicking the Profile button on the left after you’ve created an account

    Click the Profile button

    Click the Profile button

  3. Set your author name to the ‘First Last’ setting (see below)


    Display your full name

  4. Include your Google+ and/or Twitter url information
  5. Include a few sentences in your bio that establish you as an expert in your field

    Fill in your author bio with link

    Fill in your author bio with link

  6. Submit the content of your article
  7. Include an image (Pixabay has lots of excellent, royalty free images)
  8. All submissions must adhere to our Guest Post Terms of Use
  9. Once published, be sure to promote your post using your email list and social channels

Most Common Reasons for Articles Not Being Accepted

  1. Poor or missing contentNo image included in article (just tell us the url to the image you want to include by using the Notes section when you submit your article. We’ll add the image ourselves.)
    1. Not well written (grammar, punctuation, formatting)
    2. Not well researched
    3. Written by a non-expert in the field that the article is written about
  2. Profile / Author bio is not complete
  3. Topic of the article has been published too recently on our site
  4. Value of the article is not high enough for a small business owner
    1. Articles does not share real expertise that provide value to a small business owner
    2. Article is mostly ‘fluff’ or is blatantly written for the sole purpose of getting a backlink that points back to your site
      1. Ask yourself this question:  ‘Does my article sound like I’m just trying to sell a product, or does it sound like I’m conveying expert information that a small business owner would find valuable?’


We’ll get back to you to let you know what we think. But, if you don’t hear from us immediately, keep your pants on. It can take 1-3 business days for your article to be reviewed. We’ll get to it. Any other questions? Just email us at: nate at thought reach dot com.