Creative Branding Tips for Today’s Digital Marketplace

Running a business is fun, exciting, and rewarding. It’s also gut-wrenching and challenging, particularly when it comes to finding and keeping customers who will loyally buy from you over and over again.

Developing a solid brand is critical, but it’s only part of the equation. You must also know how to market your brand to modern-day consumers, which means reaching them via the internet on both standard and mobile platforms.

This can mean taking a more unconventional approach to your branding, so it has the wow factor you’re looking for and cries out to your customer base that their life won’t be the same without your product or service.

Alternative Branding Ideas

If you’ve worked on creating a brand, you probably know some of the basics such as being unique and creating solid connections with your customers. But there are other important aspects of branding that make your customers fall in love not only with your brand itself but with what they believe it represents.

Here are three alternative methods that might be a good place to start.

  • Create A Personal Experience – This means not just knowing what your customers want but connecting with them in more direct and personal ways. In an article on the Forbes website, Taylor King of Inward Strategic Consulting states, “Taking in feedback from the masses and collecting metadata on customers is fine but for a closer relationship with individuals, companies and brands have to go the extra mile and offer tailored experiences.” Good examples of this are gaming or building a hub of services where customers can interact with each other and the company in some way.
  • Color Their World – Tom Shapiro, CEO of Digital Marketing Now, discussed the influence of color on branding in a recent MarketingProfs blog. “According to the University of Loyola, Maryland, color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80%,” says Shapiro. “Therefore, pick the right color for your business and maximize your revenue potential.” For example, blue signifies strength and loyalty; orange represents fun and passion; red conveys power; green is wealth; yellow means happiness; and pink is romance.
  • Consider A Cat – Data from Verónica Maria Jarski’s infographic on the MarketingProfs website shows that including a cat in your brand is a sure way to get noticed.  Jarski states that there are 30,400,000 Google searches every month for the term “cat” and that “cats go viral more frequently than any other animal.” In addition to getting views, cats add great visual and/or humorous elements to a marketing campaign and are extremely popular with Millennials, says Jarski. However, she cautions not to use the animal with something that doesn’t make sense, as that can turn customers off.

Monitor Your Brand’s Social Presence

It’s vitally important to say on top of your brand, particularly through online channels. Luckily, there are some great tools and services that can automate this process so you’ll know where you stand at any given moment and can be proactive rather than reactive with your marketing.

According to Will Mitchell writing for MarketingProfs, one of the best brand monitoring tools currently available is Social Mention. It collects user content about your brand and tracks both its reach and strength in the online marketplace. It also creates direct links to any Tweets or other social media that mentions your brand so you can connect in real time with anyone interested in your product or services. Social Mention creates an easy and natural way to interact with current and potential customers.

Two other excellent tools that Mitchell discusses are Brand Yourself and  Brand Yourself lets you control how you appear in the search engines and helps you optimize your social media presence so you’ll rank high on result pages. With, you can create central hub of your brand profiles that is SEO-friendly.

To effectively distribute your brand and capture your market space you must think outside the box, create an active and responsive online presence, and continually research emerging trends for monitoring your brand’s value to consumers. Static branding is no longer an option for those who truly want to be successful.

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