How to Find the Right Platform to Raise and Donate Money

With a growing number of crowdfunding websites, those looking for funding for their projects as well as those looking to donate can find it hard to identify the right platform to do so.


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The growing number of internet users worldwide is a good sign for the crowdfunding industry as it means that more and more people will use the various platforms to raise money, and many donors will also come by to assist. The main challenge will be for them to find the right platform to use to make or receive the donations for the projects to be up and running. The following tips are for you to choose the right fundraising platform:


Whether you the one raising money or a donor, you should understand that not every platform shouting to be the best is half what it says. In fact, many new businesses have had to collapse soon after takeoff and money have been lost in the process. Do a background check of a platform to know how long they have been operating. The chances are that, the ones that have existed long enough pose less risk than the ones that are new on the market. Also, chose the ones that are global and not regional as they carry fewer risks.


When it comes to giving and receiving money, the safety of that money is necessary, and a good platform should be able to guarantee that. Every platform has its way of money transfer, and you should have a look at it to be sure if your money is protected. Usually, the ones that keep the money in a protected fund are better because you will still get your money if something should go wrong.


A trusted fundraising platform can be spotted by its number of registered charities. If the number is good enough, it means that it can be trusted to deliver and that it accommodates different types and sizes of charities. Try to enquire from some of those charities about their success stories if they have had any during the time they used the platform. That should give you a true picture on if the site is trusted to deliver or otherwise.


Some fundraising projects can generate a huge amount of online donations within a very short time, and the platform that you choose should be able to handle such cases of huge spontaneous traffic of donations; otherwise, you will miss out on donations just because the platform’s server infrastructure was not good enough.


A fundraising website that has a large number of supporters is likely to give you a high rate of fundraising success rates. A big number of supporters on social media show that the platform is known, and many donors are likely to be found there. What ways do they use to raise the awareness of your cause? These are some of the questions that you should guide you.


Most crowdfunding websites usually charge a fee for using their platform. For this reason, they should invest in the most recent technologies and update their website with features and products that promote fundraising and increase the success rates of getting funding for many and different causes.

After going through the many platforms and have confirmed the above, your options will have reduced, and the final thing is to pick the one that charges fewer fees unless you are not careful about maximizing your funding money! Some platforms that raise money like offer free services and partners with PayPal and WePay for very low credit cards processing fees.

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