Determining Your Online Objective & Tailoring Your Website for Conversions

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website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

One of the first phases of website development is defining your purpose. Determining this early in the process will save you time and money later in your design and promotion efforts. Most websites fall into one of two categories: informational or e-commerce. An informational site generates revenue from advertising, membership fees or commissions, whereas e-commerce websites sell products or services. Once you’ve established your purpose and your goals, make sure the layout and navigation of your web pages appeal to your targeted user base.

Successful web hosting

A determining factor of your website’s success is your web hosting company. Web hosts offer dedicated hosting, shared hosting or virtual private server hosting. A dedicated plan means your website will be the only site on the server. This dedication is great, but expensive, so decide how beneficial this model is to your business.

Shared website hosting shares various sites on one server, spreading the cost among many other businesses. This model sometimes carries with it the risk of downtime and bandwidth space limitations. Many web hosting providers offer service guarantees, however, so ask about them.

Virtual dedicated hosting falls squarely between shared and dedicated web hosting. A virtual private server provides a shared server that is then divided into multiple virtual private servers. Each VPS operates individually without touching the VPS host of other web sites. This model gives customers administrative control over the VPS software without the maintenance costs that a dedicated web host requires.

Seal the deal

The success of your website isn’t determined by the sheer number of visitors to your site. It’s based on how frequently those visitors are generating a conversion or sale. You may already be successful in driving sales from the people accessing your site, referred to as visitor conversion. But if you’re still developing your online conversion strategy for becoming one of the highest converting sites, here we’ll look at some surefire ways to seal the deal.

First, show your visitors what your unique selling point is. Perhaps your products are handmade or the information you’re disseminating is from an industry insider. Let your visitors know why you can provide them with a product, service, membership or information that no one else can match.

Second, make your website easy to navigate. Visitors should find it simple to make that purchase, join your mailing list or learn about an event. Also, don’t ask for excessive information. Asking people to provide mounds of information as well as likes and dislikes will guarantee that visitors lose patience and leave without sealing the deal.

Next, provide visitors with valid contact information such as a real address, not just a P.O. box, and a phone number where the visitor can ask a real person for assistance, instead of listening to a prerecorded message.

Your website’s objective is to provide visitors with a unique experience that helps them obtain what they initially sought while giving them a pleasant, impressive experience. If your website can do that, you’ll win customers’ loyalty and increase the profitability of your company.

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