What to Do When Your Ecommerce Website Isn’t Selling Enough

When your ecommerce site isn’t selling as much as you expected or need it to, it’s easy to get stressed out or consider shutting it down. However, with some tweaking and a lot of hard work, it’s not impossible to improve the user experience and ultimately bring more traffic and sales to your site. In some cases, the fault may lie with your shopping cart, while in other cases you may need to improve the site’s appearance or navigation. In any case, improving the way your users see the site can often make them more likely to make a purchase.

What to Do When Your Ecommerce Website Isn't Selling Enough

Reviews of Other Shopping Carts

Checking out shopping cart reviews of other sites gives you an idea about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the check out experience. By reading about what online users find frustrating about a shopping cart experience, especially from the site operator perspective, you can find out the best system to use. Reviews help you determine which shopping cart system will be the easiest for you to implement, and yield the best results in terms of increased site sales.

Talking to Other Business Owners

Sometimes other business owners, who you usually consider the competition, can offer useful advice about how to increase sales. Attending networking events will help you meet other ecommerce site owners, and learn tricks of the trade. You can also go online to find other site owners and begin a conversation about which methods to increase traffic are successful and which are not. Creating these new relationships can help you in a variety of areas in the future, including cross promotions or other advice.

Testing Small Changes to Find Out What Sticks

When you’re not sure how to improve sales, sometimes trial and error or A/B testing is called for. Change the look of your home page, the navigation links for finding the shopping cart, or the layout of the site. Only implement one change at a time, so it’s easier to figure out which change starts to make a positive difference. If a particular change makes the traffic even slower or seems to decrease sales, you can always reverse it. Making small changes to slowy figure out how to improve your site sales is a good, gradual way to ultimately make more money. Instituting dramatic changes can sometimes confuse users or make them less likely to be able to make a purchase.

If your ecommerce site isn’t making enough sales, you should focus on gaining new traffic to the site. However, your shopping cart set up and other aspects of your site make be turning off users or making it difficult for them to make a purchase. Start by making small changes recommended by other ecommerce business owners, and over time you will be able to improve the ease with which people can find your site and be enticed to make a purchase. Tracking your buyers will allow you to contact them with offers to make a future purchase.

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