Effective Websites on Limited Budgets

Effective Websites on Limited Budgets

Whilst many companies hire a professional designer when they are creating a new corporate site, small firms and start-ups may not have the financial resources to go down this route. If you are a small business owner who is wondering how to create a slick website on a budget, the following advice will be especially useful for you. Even if you have plenty of cash to burn, it is well worth reading as you may find that your start-up capital can be better spent in other areas.

• Make use of all the free resources that can be found online
If you have not had a look at what is available for a few years, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Nowadays, it is possible to find an online website builder with hundreds of great themes that can be used to create a professional looking site, without having to spend a single penny. If you find one that does everything you need for free, there is of course no need to read the rest of this article but if you think that you may need more functionality than is offered by free packages, either now or in the future, the tips that follow may well come in handy. Be sure to read a Wix website builder review as well. Wix is hugely popular for building simple websites. You may also find that some of the points listed below help your site to stand out from all the others.

• Create interesting content
No matter how good your website looks, if it does not contain information that will be of interest to large numbers of people it will be hard to attract enough traffic to make it into a useful promotional tool for your organisation. In addition to making sure that the content on your site is fresh and appealing, you should ensure that it includes video clips, pictures, animations and other multimedia formats, to maximise the chances of catching people’s attention as they browse various pages. Whether you create your own content or hire a professional to do it for you, will probably depend on how much you are willing to spend on your online presence and exactly what you hope to achieve.

• Make sure that everybody can read your site
Many web developers make the mistake of only considering the most popular browsers when designing new sites and because of this their customers miss the opportunity to pitch their products and services to a significant number of people that use less popular software and devices. Whether using free online site builders or paying an experienced professional to complete a custom design, make sure that your site complies with the relevant standards so that it renders properly in the widest variety of browsers possible. You should consider visitors that will be using smartphones, tablets and other mobiles devices as well as those using traditional desktop and laptop computers.

• Enlist the help of every member of staff when creating content and thinking about design options
It is especially important for smaller companies to fully utilise the human resources at their disposal as doing so can often result in significant savings. For example, one of your existing employees may well be capable of writing compelling copy, meaning there is no need for you to pay a freelance copywriter to do the job for you. There are other skills that your workers may possess that could possibly save your firm a great deal of money in the long run so do take the time to find out before turning to outside organisations for help.

• Use applications to help draw attention to your company and complement what you are doing with your corporate site
You can utilise mobile apps to boost customer loyalty and increase revenue so think about all the possibilities that the Internet has to offer when you are putting together your online strategy and do not focus solely on your website. Mobile apps can actually be used to direct more visitors to your corporate site so could help to make it more successful and cost effective than it would otherwise be.

Whatever design principles you follow and whatever type of content you include on your website, remember that it is a shop window for your organisation and should reflect your company mission statement and goals.

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