Email Marketing Still Works

Email marketing ROILike a legend refusing to go down, why does email marketing still stand out among top performers in the online business space? Forget expensive and difficult-to-calibrate-results traditional marketing, even when the likes of social media, back-links from reputed sites and content marketing have taken over the marketing arena, the preferred method, by majority of small businesses, remain emailing clients. Is it still worth the effort to maintain a program based on email marketing strategy? Read on and we’ll give you a few reasons to continue choosing the reigning heavy weight marketing champ.


Traditional marketing can be compared to fishing. You sink the bait somewhere and hope something bites. Email marketing would be like going to the place where the fish hang out, exchange pleasantries and pick one up to go home with. It’s much more fun and guarantees better results. Email marketing targets the exact person with his or her exact requirement. The mails can be segmented through various criteria and interests. This personal feature cannot be matched by TV, radio, newspaper or online ads.

Efficient and Trackable

With email marketing, one can track exactly what happened. The analysis begins with the sending of the mail. You can know if the prospective client opened in the first place, what they did next; did they click on any links, did they delete or spam the mail, or did they reply. The user engagement can easily be identified through easy-to-understand metrics and a more responsive style can be designed to further the output. The product can be then be customized to the customer’s requirement.

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With the use of a graphic design agency they will be able to combine expertly designed email marketing with the high quality content marketing and you’ll get a potent mix that will give exponential returns and an enviable customer base. You will be designated an authority in your niche; the strategy which promises recurring income and is found to be more long lasting than any other. When symbiotic relationships are formed; sales will just be a by-product.

Besides, a small business can immediately see results of an email marketing program. There are no better platforms for testing time-bound sales offers.

Email is Inexpensive

With email marketing, the overhead costs are almost negligible compared to postal mailing, telesales, or other conventional marketing methods. With a small expense, you can associate with an email marketing platform provider and you’ll have more design and template options than you’ll ever need. The provider will also assist in improving your marketing strategy.

Emails can be sent to all parts of the globe with no extra cost. For an online business or for commodities traded globally, this feature is essential to their success.

Return on investment

The Direct Marketing Association reported that email marketing returned €40 for every €1 invested. Which advertising campaign that you know matches these results? Social media may be the only contender but the fact remains not all customers or businesses are active on social media networks. But, everyone uses email. And keep in mind that the chances that your social media post will be seen in the busy stream by the follower are very small compared to seeing and opening the email in their inbox.

If you’re a business owner and do not yet have an email marketing program, then you’re missing out on a wonderful opportunity. Start with designing a newsletter and write engaging content for your clients. Useful content fosters solid relationships that even price and quality will find difficult to beat. Customers buy a product when they can relate to the seller.

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