Enjoy a Comfortable Trip… in Business Class

For professionals who have to travel frequently over long distances be it abroad or domestically, business class travel is the preferred choice. There are many advantages in doing so and as a result most airlines these days offer business class travel in recognition of the fact that a substantial proportion of passengers are business travelers.

Enjoy a Comfortable Trip… in Business Class

The comfort offered by business class is definitely far superior to economy class although it is less than that on offer by first class. Business class is also more economical than first class with more amenities than economy class.

As a business traveler, you have a lot to deal with such as serving as a representative for your company, interacting with employees of other companies, as well as staying in touch with your own. With so much to handle there is bound to be a buildup of stress and this is where the amenities of business class helps to ease the burden of travel. Being able to relax or rest during a long flight is vital and the reclining seats provided in business class are ideal for the purpose. The degree of recline varies in airlines and can be between 140-180 degrees.

Business class offers three types of seats to travelers:

  • Angled: These offer an angle of 140-170 degrees
  • Cradle: They offer an angle of recline up to 160 degrees
  • Flatbed: The most comfortable as a passenger can recline up to 180 degrees

An additional advantage is being given a seat quicker than the economy class passengers as well as having the facility of checking in at a separate location and being privy to a more plush waiting area.

Some additional benefits that business class offers to travelers are nap and shower rooms, the Internet (always a bonus!) and private dining areas.

Added perks for business travelers includes better food options (Emirates offer dishes from around the world) and in-flight entertainment. Alcoholic beverages are usually served free of cost and you can place an order for your food from a pre-order menu in advance. For entertainment you can place a request for a DVD player or enjoy the on-board entertainment on offer. As there is ample space you can work on your laptop or even plug it in and access the Internet before you take a nap.  British Airways also offer spa treatments!

Of late there have been some changes in airline policy so you should check with the airline you are flying on if they allow the use of PEDs (personal electronic devices) such as e-readers, smart-phones and tablets. Cell phones are allowed on-board but they have to be placed in airline mode or with the cellular service disabled. If you travel a fair bit for business you need to ensure that you check with your service provider to get the right phone contract so that you do not end up spending a fortune on roaming and other related charges. If your trip is for a long duration you could also opt for a local SIM card while ensuring that your phone is unlocked.

Last but not the least, travelling by business class will get you through first on board and off as well. The same applies for custom checks, so when you have a long and exhausting journey it is a relief to get these benefits. All in all, business class travel is well worth the extra money spent, as it will leave you feeling more relaxed and better prepared for the hectic schedule lined up.

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