Essential Software for Small Business

software for small businessNo matter how big your small business might be, getting the right software to help you achieve your goals can free up time for you to focus on your core business. Whether it’s software to simply update your company website or it’s part of your everyday job, these (often) frustrating little devices called computers are a big part of the way we do business.

Thanks to the developments in technology that have come about in the past decade, there are now systems and software that actually make humans redundant – such as those used in the manufacturing industry where robots have replaced humans in creating certain materials and parts, such as those used in cars.

That doesn’t mean humans have been completely replaced, only that machines and technology have taken some of the time-consuming and complex tasks. Humans can now focus on the things they’re really good at – making things work, and making them work well.

Organizational Software

One example of this is a piece of software that can be highly beneficial to larger organisations. With so many members of staff to organize – which person is working on which day and what times, who is on holiday and who is off sick, for example. – it can be a nightmare for the people working in HR or on the staffing.  For that reason, resource scheduling software can prove to be a good investment. It can help to do all of that scheduling and working out what money needs to be spent, who needs to be in on which days and what processes need to be performed.

As a small business owner you might be wondering how this could benefit you. After all, you haven’t got the staff levels of the larger organisations who can justify such an investment to open up a member of staff for another role. For your small business, you can utilize this kind of software to organize more than just your staffing.

If you know that you need to have a certain venue booked or you need to organize chairs, tables, extra monitors, or transportation; then using the software to not only “book” your equipment but to ensure that it is available when you need it and for the whole time.

Of course, office software is also highly beneficial. Programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been installed around the world. Word has helped small businesses to create articles (such as this one), write essays, and create proposals for new business. Excel has been used to do accountancy, and PowerPoint to seal the deal at the next meeting with a prospective client or at a presentation.

Cloud Storage

Many people have fallen victim of the disaster that is leaving an important document at home, or leaving without your laptop or tablet in the morning, only realizing when you go to take it out of your bag during your morning commute. Cloud storage lets people store and access files from anywhere, anytime.

The storage is a big plus point for many business owners, allowing them to instantly share files with their colleagues, clients and customers to keep everyone updated with progress and security access. With space limited on computers and USB sticks, and CDs very ease to mislay, having cloud storage allows you to store as much as you want “in the cloud”, freeing up valuable disc space on your computer.

While computers can be stolen, any information you store externally – such as in the cloud – cannot be stolen without access to the accounts themselves. This means that any thieves who break into your premises and steal your computers and laptops would steal only what is stored in the “my documents” section or on the desktop itself.

At the end of the day, the only essential software for your business, whether it’s a large corporation, a startup, or something in between, is something that you can genuinely afford within your budget and something that is going to provide value to what you can produce. There are too many gimmicks that give the perception of providing value or would look good for pitching what you can use to clients, when in fact, they’re just another expense that you could do without, putting the money towards something far more beneficial in the future if you leave your hard-earned money where it is.


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