Simplify your Email Marketing

We’re your small business email marketing experts. Thought Reach email marketing software is designed for inexperienced and experienced marketers. We keep telling you that our software is simple – and we mean it. If you are new to email, we’ll make you into a powerful marketer.

Don’t want to send your own email marketing messages? We offer the service of sending your email marketing messages for you. Just contact us and let us know how we can help.

We offer enterprise-grade email marketing software that doesn’t require an enterprise-grade learning curve. Whether you’re a microbusiness, small business, nonprofit, or a midsize company, we’re here to provide you with a premium email product and superb service.

Create Stunning Email CampaignsCreate Stunning Email Campaigns
Build beautiful email marketing campaigns and newsletters. You can use a template, our easy form editor or upload your own HTML code.

List ManagementEasy List Management
We manage your email list for you. Never worry about duplication of an email address, having to remove unsubscribes dealing with bounces.

Simple Email ReportingReally Simple Reporting
You get amazing reporting. You’ll easily see who opened and clicked.


Send with OutlookSend with Outlook (talk about easy)
Create, send and track email marketing using Outlook or your own email client with EasyCast. You still get all the reporting too.

Email DeliverabilityExcellent Deliverability
Our system sends millions of emails per day. We’ve worked hard to optimize for email marketing to ensure your email gets delivered to the inbox.

Spam CheckingSpam Checking
We scan your emails for spam content and provide you with an easy to understand grade that shows you how likely your email is to trigger a spam filter.

Autoresponders (Triggered Emails)Easy Autoresponders (Triggered Emails)
You can send automatic welcome emails, drip campaigns, billing reminders, and birthday messages with our simple triggered email tool.

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