Full Feature List

Create and Send Successful, Simple Email Marketing Campaigns

Create and send email newsletters to your subscriber lists with ease, speed and creativity. Thought Reach offers great tools for beginners and experts.

  • As Easy as a Word Processor
  • Automated (Triggered) Emails
  • Recurring Email Sender
  • Templates – Quick, Creative and Easy-to-Use
  • Design Your Own Email or Upload the Code
  • Webpage Grabber
  • Send Online or With Your Own Email Client
  • Hosted Attachments
  • Forward-to-a-Friend
  • Preview Before you Send
  • Personalize Your Email
  • Use International Characters
  • Free Image Hosting
  • Scheduling with Global Time Zone Support

Easily Manage Lists, Contacts and Segments

You can manage your contacts as a list, group or a dynamic list segment. We give you all the tools to easily manage contacts and start sending awesome email marketing.

  • Clean Lists– We automatically remove hard bounces from your lists. You can review a complete list of bounced email addresses. We also maintain a complete list of unsubscribes. If you try to upload an unsubscribed contact, we won’t add them during a list import. This takes the pain of list management off of you so you can drink your coffee in peace.
  • Easy List Imports– import existing lists of opt-in subscribers. We’ll automatically dedupe the list for you.
  • Dynamic Lists– these simple lists automatically include everyone who meets your criteria. Like your weekly newsletter list. It automatically includes everyone who’s record says they are signed up.
  • Add Sign-up forms to your website– a very under-rated feature! Add simple code to your website to have a sign up form that adds subscribers to your account.
  • Automatic List Deduping– even if you select two lists to send to in your campaign, we’ll make sure no one gets more than one email.
  • Subscriber Subscription Center– this is that great page where a subscriber can indicate which of your emails they want. Weekly newsletter, special offers email, cute puppy of the day email, or whatever.
  • Double or Single Opt-in– you can use either method to allow recipients to subscribe, but double op-in rules!
  • Unsubscribes– we handle unsubscribes for you. No worries.
  • Bounces– 1/3rd of your list might change their email address once per year! We handle the bounces automatically.

We Secure Your Data For You

We take the security of your data seriously. Our client’s privacy is critical, and we’ll never share any of your data with any third party. This isn’t the stuff that makes Thought Reach fun, but it’s the important stuff.

  • Backing Up Data
  • Secured Hosting Facility
  • Firewall Secured
  • Data Privacy

Email Deliverability – Let us do the Heavy Lifting

Your email marketing doesn’t make an impact if it lands in the spam box. We set up feedback loops, white lists and use industry standard authentication to maximize deliverability.

  • Customer Screening– we screen YOU. Yes you. We make sure our customers play by the rules of fully opt-in email marketing. You send spam with our email software and you go bye-bye. Sorry.
  • Message Authentication– we use cool stuff like SPF, DKIM, DomainKeys, SenderID, and what-not to make sure your mail is authenticated to the receiving ISP.
  • White listings– since we behave ourselves and play well with others, we get candy and stuff from the big ISPs who like us.
  • Feedback Loops– the big ISPs provide feedback to us in the event one of their users doesn’t like a message that came from our system. If an email recipient pouts, we unsubscribe them from future mailings.
  • Spam Complaint Monitoring– we monitor any other spam complaint systems too. We’ll work with you to help you clean your list or your email practices if we see recipients unhappy and generally put into a foul mood by your email.
  • Spam Check with Message Quality Score– we provide you with a built-in spam check tool. Our message quality score scans your html and copy, generating a numerical grade that reflects the likelihood of triggering a spam filter.


We have a full package of reporting for you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can review your reports in the application or download into an excel document.

  • Open Rates
  • Tracking Clicks
  • Domain Performance
  • Download Reports to Excel
  • Compare Campaign Stats

On-line Surveys and Forms (these cost extra)

Keep in touch with your customer’s interests and needs by creating surveys and forms.

  • Create Multi-Page Surveys
  • Reporting
  • Add Logic and Actions– Our surveys allow you to provide users with a different set of questions based on their answers to an earlier question.
  • No Duplicate Responses– make sure some nimrod doesn’t try to submit your survey more than once.
  • Send Through Email or Link to Your Website– Each time you create a survey or form, we generate a link that can be placed on your website.

Supporting You – Our Customers

Thought Reach provides you with ways to actually contact us. Believe it or not, we’ll respond to you.

  • Submit a support case
  • Knowledge Base– look through all of our FAQs.
  • Blog – our blog articles will teach you ways to grow your small business through email marketing and social media channels. If you don’t have a cup of coffee in your hand, you’re not allowed to read our blog. Sorry, those are the rules.

What makes us different from all the other email marketing tools out there?