Five Essentials for Every Start-Up

If you are thinking about establishing a new business, you will need to work hard to get through those difficult initial stages. After all, the first few months will be a drain on your capital as you strive to find clients without much solid income. Five Essentials for Every Start-UpThe good news is that there are a number of ways in which you can boost your chances of success and help grow your new business at the same time. Follow these simple tips and discover how easy it is to set up a new company.

1) A Business Attorney

Since you’ll want everything to be legal from the beginning, you will need to hire a lawyer with experience in creating new businesses. These specialists will help with aspects like:

• Drafting staff & client contracts

• Reading over your property lease

• Deciding on a business structure

By deciding to hire a solicitor during these setup phases, you will prevent a whole host of legal problems later on, all of which could have been easily avoided. Just remember that if you are being sued, it is too late for your business. Instead, think about safety and security, and speak with a corporate lawyer about the most efficient way to establish and grow your company.

2) A Chartered Accountant

You’ll also need someone who knows their way around finance and taxation. By hiring a professional accountant, you can create bookkeeping habits that keep you on track for years to come. They will help you form accurate records for your income and expenses, allowing you to handle your cash flow much more efficiently in the future. When choosing an accountant, make sure that they already have experience in start-ups. This can be a complex area which requires specific knowledge. Also ensure they are familiar with the region you’re living in, as there may be slight differences in local financial laws.

3) A Virtual Receptionist

Since you’re running a newly-created business, you may not have the time or the resources to promote yourself properly over the telephone. To provide a positive impression, think about call handling for UK firms. This service allows you to open the phone lines to your clients 24/7 without spending a fortune. Thus, you can be sure that someone will answer the phones and take messages for you, leaving you with plenty more time to concentrate on actually running your company. These virtual receptionists are also much cheaper than hiring a fulltime operator as well, making them perfect for start-up company owners who may not have much spare capital available.

4) A Commercial Property Agent

While it may be tempting to work from home, remember that there are plenty of advantages for renting a proper commercial space instead. These include:

• A setting that’s separate from your living area

• A professional image to visiting clients

• A more productive place for you and your staff

To gain these benefits, get in touch with a local property agent who specialises in business centres and the like. Since you’re a small business who’s just starting up, you may wish to look into shared office spaces as they provide a professional environment that won’t cost you a fortune to lease.

5) A Qualified Web Designer

Lastly, you’ll also need to establish a decent corporate presence on the net as well. This means that you should also get in touch with a local website developer who can help. They will create a site that features a number of essential features. All of these are crucial to the look and usability of your company webpage and thus the chances that people will stay there and browse your site for longer in the future:

• Attractive homepage

• User-friendly layout

• Simple navigation menus

• Visible search box

• Frequent calls to action

If you’re unsure what some of these mean, never fear. Just talk to a qualified web developer and they will tell you how these features can enhance your start-up’s chance of online success.

With the help of these five specialists, you will then lay out some solid foundations from which your small business can grow and thrive. From a suitable business structure to a professional telephone operator, everything will be laid down to promote your company in the future.

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