Five Tips for Running Your Own Restaurant

Running your own restaurant is perhaps one of the most challenging – but ultimately rewarding – career choices available. It’s not just a case of choosing the name, hiring a manager and forgetting about it; it’s always all-hands-on-deck for everyone involved and many restaurants tend to go under through lack of planning and strategy.Five Tips for Running Your Own Restaurant

Vast numbers of consumers don’t want the hassle of cooking their own food or doing their own washing up – that’s why they go to restaurants. They want great food, great service and great people serving them. Bear that in mind as you follow these tips to running your own restaurant.

Target market

It is simply impossible to capture every part of the market when you’re running a restaurant. Conversely, you are going to have some specialities when it comes to cooking dishes which will appeal to certain areas of the market. Will you be targeting a younger generation brought up on gourmet burgers and twice-cooked fries or appeal to the baby boomers who are looking for an upscale, formal dining experience? Will your cooking skills appeal to Generation X or Generation Y?


Conversely, the tone and atmosphere of your restaurant will ultimately decide which patrons come into your establishment Decide on a style of table and chairs to keep consistent with the foods you offer – if it’s a formal restaurant you may require high-class dining furniture, while a fast-food restaurant may want to opt for chic, indoor picnic benches or other furniture where customers can come and go as they please.

Customer service

Entrepreneurs may think that food is the most important part of running a restaurant but a high level of customer service is just as crucial.According to, successful restaurateurs believe that the best preparation for owning a restaurant is to work in someone else’s first. This way, you can learn about delivering customer service first-hand and know just how difficult it is to serve the general public.

It is common sense but a polite, humble tone combined with an exceptional waiting service is crucial to creating repeat customers. If they like the food and enjoy the service, why wouldn’t they want to come back?


Your restaurant won’t survive if nobody knows you’re open. That is why marketing materials like signs, menus, online adverts and flyers need to be read by the public and send an accurate message about who/what/where/when/why you are. Sponsoring local sports teams or events can also give your brand name exposure.

On the other hand, perhaps your establishment is a niche, high-class restaurant that only needs to trade on word of mouth. After all, a quiet atmosphere could be a big selling point to your customers. That’s why it is important to link your chosen target market with your marketing materials.


It doesn’t matter if you serve the best food in the world or charge the lowest prices in the area; if your restaurant is not clean then you will not attract any custom. Designate someone to clean tables, chairs and floors during the busiest times and employ a cleaner to maintain restroom cleanliness levels.

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