Five Tips for Trade Show Success

At any given moment in the United States, there is a trade show being held. In fact, there are over 10,000 such shows held in the country every year. It’s not unusual for a hundred or more companies to be represented at the largest events. If you want to attract the right people to your booth, it’s important that you prepare well. Here’s how to have a successful show.Trade Show Exhibit Design: Graphic Design


You don’t want your booth to be so crowded that the people you hope to attract are hesitant to stick around. Before the show, make sure that you email your current and potential clients to let them know you’ll be in attendance and what you will be offering. Undertake a strong marketing campaign in the months leading up to the show to generate interest. Determine who you want to draw to your booth and target them specifically.

2.Out With the Old

Consider a trade show to be the vehicle to advertise your new products or services. The best way to do this is to attend a trade show that corresponds with the launch of your new product. Alternatively, hold off on offering a new service until you attend a trade show. Even if you only have a prototype, a trade show is the perfect place for introductions. People who visit your booth don’t want to see the same things that you’ve been offering for years. Give them something new to talk about.

3.Invite Play

People who attend a trade show want to do more than read information and view slides. Give people a chance to get hands-on with your products. If you only have a limited quantity, or if you offer a service that doesn’t lend itself to touchy-feely attendees, consider setting up tablets that people can touch. Even a few taps on a screen that simulate what you offer can generate interest. No matter what you do, make sure that there is something at your booth for people to get their hands on.

Portable trade show booths

4.The Right Staff

Not everyone on your staff is adept at handling large groups of people, nor are they comfortable doing so. Don’t staff your booth with people who don’t play well with others. Any staff that stands behind your table should be able to talk with your potential customers. In addition, make sure that whoever you choose to attend the trade show on your behalf is well-versed in what your company offers. Your staff should have an in-depth knowledge of what will be on display at the show.


People expect freebies at a trade show, but the usual swag isn’t going to cut it. Do not make the mistake of handing out keychains, magnets or pens. Instead, give people something that they can use and that speaks volumes about your company. It will take some thinking, but your efforts will pay off. No matter what you choose to give away, make sure that each person also walks away with a DVD that contains information about your company, what you offer and how your services can make their lives better.

Success at a trade show isn’t difficult to come by with the right preparation. Well-trained staff, duplicated DVDs and new products will attract people to your company long after the trade show has closed its doors. Get organized, be prepared and practice your pitch; you’ll find that you can actually benefit from your attendance.

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