Focus on Backlinking for Achieving SEO Success in 2019

Just like Nitrous Oxide is considered to be the most effective way of providing significant horsepower for boosting any gasoline engine, backlinks are similarly, regarded as the Nitrous Oxide of each and every successful search engine optimization campaign. Backlinks are supposed to be the incoming links to your website. They are helpful and facilitate search engines in analyzing essential metrics such as trust flow, popularity, and authority relevant to your website.  

Focus on Backlinking for Achieving SEO Success in 2019

Quality backlinks coming from authority sites would be assisting you in acquiring higher rankings in SERPs. There are certain right things to do and certain things to avoid before you initiate building backlinks for your website content. You must keep in mind that poor backlink profile would be adversely impacting your blog in terms of Google updates in the future and you would fail to make your content future-proof. Let us explore some of the things to do.

Things to Do

Fix All UX or Technical Problems

According to, you need to fix all User Experience and technical issues. “Technical issues can hurt User Experience (UX) and UX is correlated to SEO performance (or lack of it). View this as a foundational stage of the process. That’s because if you speed through this process, your backlinks won’t be as effective. And what happens when your backlinks aren’t as effective? You have to acquire more, which costs your company more money.” Let us understand some of the technical/UX issues that you must focus on resolving promptly.

  • Canonical errors.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Duplicate META data.
  • Wrong use of directives.
  • Site loading speed.
  • Mobile friendliness.

Generate Relevant & High-Quality Content

You must keep in mind that if your content is not of good enough quality to consider it suitable for linking, no editor of your target blog would be approving it. If you want to successfully get a link from your target blog, you need to create high-quality content that is relevant to their blog and must necessarily provide good value to all the readers.

Focus Not on Quantity but on Quality

While building backlinks, there is a possibility of you becoming extremely greedy for whatever backlinks you are able to get. But that would not work at all in your favor. Your objective would be to acquire solid backlinks from authority sites instead of concentrating on getting a huge number of poor-quality backlinks from non-authoritative sites. Do not run after quantity, it is best to focus on the quality of backlinks. It implies that if you are able to acquire links from ten poor-quality sites, it would be equivalent to one high-quality backlink from an authority site. Moreover, tread with caution. Too many poor-quality backlinks may place you precariously for the next Google update. You may employ the services of an SEO expert company for backlinking expertise and perfect SEO solutions.

Try to Achieve Quick Wins

There are numerous white hat techniques that help link building. By using one of them, you could reap the benefits. You must concentrate on quick wins that would be getting you faster and positive results. You may get in touch with like-minded people from the same field of work or industry. It is surely a quick and effective way of getting backlinks.

Avoid Shortcuts

While you are busy in the link-building process, you may get numerous opportunities for achieving quick and easy backlinks. However, you should never forget that if it is so easy to get top quality authority links then it may not be worth taking. Be wary of black hat link-building techniques. Many people may entice you with black hat SEO link building techniques. You simply need to be alert and steer clear of all these black hat techniques.

Things to Avoid

Avoid Using Low-Quality Guest Posting Sites

You must identify the sites that are not authoritative sites and provide poor quality backlinks. Avoid browsing through poor quality article directories and guest posting sites as well. Do not be misled and give undue importance to the number of backlinks. Instead, you must worry about the quality of the backlinks. You may focus on using useful tools such as Ahrefs and Moz for examining the actual quality of a chosen site. After the well-known Penguin update, we know that Google would be penalizing low-quality sites so stay away from poor backlinks from low-quality sites.

Do Not Get Involved in Link Exchange Schemes

If Google observes that there are excessive unnatural links that are being exchanged between two domains, it may at once, think of penalizing you. As such it is a good idea to avoid participating in such kinds of link exchange schemes. You must not completely avoid it but do it in moderate scales and choose only those sites that you could rely upon explicitly. You must follow the same in terms of paid links too.

Avoid Posting Your Article on Irrelevant & Unrelated Sites

You must be careful while posting your article. You must necessarily post your article only on related sites and avoid posting in sites that are completely unrelated to your content. If you are posting your article in irrelevant sites, you would not see any positive outcomes even if those sites are authoritative sites. You would end up ruining your ranking and you would certainly be penalized by Google if you post your article in some unrelated sites. It is a Google mandate or guideline that you must stick to getting backlinks from only a site that is in some way related to your website. Try your best to post all your articles on related sites only as that should bring quick and positive results. It would go a long way in future-proofing your blog or website.


Experts warn you against quick fixes for achieving backlinks. Moreover, you need to be extra-careful while building backlinks for your web or blog content. One incorrect step could be ruining your entire work. It is best to be safe. You may follow the above-discussed dos and don’ts if you wish to safeguard your site from an adverse impact of any future Google update.  If you put in a little amount of hard work and sincere effort, you could easily boost your website or blog’s authority remarkably. Be cautious and stay away from quick fixes or black hat techniques for building backlinks.

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