Functional and Efficient Ideas for Small Business Construction

The trick to any successful build is to get the right balance between function and efficiency. This will ensure you can make the most of the space, international small businesskeep your building costs to a minimum and even reducing the costs of running your small business.

There are several ideas to consider but the first step in the process should be to make sure you have the right labour to hire in Sydney.

Hidden Storage

A great way to reduce the space you need outside your small business is to build a storage unit behind your space. This is not as difficult or as expensive as it may seem. Assuming the land owner and local ordinance allows, you can even extend the space to allow several cars to be parked underneath, with a your storage space above.

Steam Water

Reduce your water heating bills with the very latest in green technology. Steam water heaters use one gallon of water per minute, a traditional spray system will use 7 gallons. If you run a restaurant, this could be key to saving money in the dish washing process.

In addition there is several health benefits associated with a steam water system and you’ll reduce any moisture issues in your kitchen area.

Impact Resistant Windows

An impact window is designed to withstand the force of a hurricane. But even if you don’t have a small business somewhere that has hurricanes, these windows can increase security dramatically.

They also bring the benefit if noise reduction, improved insulation and higher security.

That’s a pretty good incentive to get impact resistant windows.

Solar Power

Opting to add solar panels onto the roof of your small business will allow you to reduce your energy dependence and the bills that come with it. You can choose a system that sells excess electricity back to the grid or install batteries and converters allowing you to use the electricity generated even when the sun has gone down.

USB Sockets

It is fairly normal now to see sockets fitted into the walls which can accept conventional plugs along with USB cables. Considering most electrical gadgets rely on USB style power sockets, this is a very functional and efficient addition to your business.

You should aim to have at least one of these sockets in every area.

Heating Systems

Doing a new build is a great opportunity to run meters of cable under the soil. These can then be connected to a ground source heat pump, (powered by your solar panels). The heat pump will pump the water through the pipes and under your floor, giving you a virtually free heating system.

A viable alternative is the air source heat pump which can be connected to pipes between your rooms and individual thermostats; allowing you to control the temperature in different areas of your small business with ease.

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