Has Apple Crumbled?

When Steve Jobs tragically passed away, it was predicted by many that Apple would not be the same again as a company. It’s been two years since the death of the technology giant that started the biggest trend in mobile technology, and many are wondering if statistics show that this estimate was correct. There are some things you should consider when trying to determine whether or not Apple is actually crumbling. For one thing, Apple staff seem to like the new CEO slightly more than they did Jobs, as statistics show that Tim Cook is two percent more popular among the workers at Apple than Steve Jobs had been.

Financially, Apple is 77 percent more lucrative under the direction of Cook than it had been under Jobs, as well. Also, under Steve Jobs’ direction, Apple had no company match program for charitable giving. But under the direction of Steve Cook, the company is now engaged in matching, dollar for dollar, charitable contributions made by employees up to $10,000.  While it’s not all about a popularity contest, the work environment does have a lot to do with a company’s productivity, and an overall appreciation for the leadership is important for the employees to have.

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