The Home Office Entrepreneur’s Guide To Buying A Photocopier

There are literally millions of entrepreneurs around the world that operate their businesses from home.

The Home Office Entrepreneur's Guide To Buying A Photocopier

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Most will have a dedicated area or room in their home, often dubbed as their ‘home office’, and will doubtless have much of the technology that businesses with dedicated offices use, such as landlines, computers, printers and Internet access.

And for those who tend to travel a lot in connection with their businesses, they might even own a smartphone, laptop computer and an Apple iPad or some other tablet device. But one piece of essential technology that many home-based entrepreneurs increasing need is a photocopier.

Photocopiers: why home-based entrepreneurs may need one

Whilst it is perfectly possible to buy “all-in-one” devices that are small enough to fit on your desk, the trouble with such equipment is that they are not designed to be used heavily on a regular basis.

In comparison to photocopiers, they are extremely limited in how quickly they can scan and print, and quite often they have a higher cost of ownership than photocopiers. The great thing about floor-standing photocopiers is that they can tackle massive print and scan jobs on a regular basis without breaking a sweat, making them extremely reliable assets to have as part of anyone’s business.

Companies such as Ricoh London can advise on the best photocopier for your requirements, and with many photocopier service companies offering leases on these devices, they are certainly a cost-effective way of helping you keep your printing and copying costs down.

If you are considering getting a photocopier for your home-based business, these handy tips will help you on the right path.

Do you have the space?

The first thing to establish is whether you have the space to house a photocopier or not. If you are using a corner of your living room or bedroom as your office, the answer is probably “no” but should you be using an entire room dedicated to your business, then you will more than likely have the space.

Half or full-duplex printing?

Duplex printing refers to the process of printing out text and graphics on both sides of a piece of paper whereas half-duplex refers to one-sided printing only.

Some of the cheaper photocopiers on the market only allow half-duplex printing, however, the tradeoff to paying more for a full-duplex printer is that your printing costs will be lower because you will be using less paper.

Monochrome or full-colour?

You need to think about whether it is important for you to have full-colour printing facilities or not. As you have probably guessed, colour photocopiers are more expensive than monochrome ones, so it might be wiser to get a printing company to print out any small volumes of colour printouts that you need.

Response time

As you will be working from home, you should consider opting for photocopiers that have fast response times. The ones that have virtually little to no “warm-up” time will be ideal for home offices, as they will obviously save you time and money.


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