How a Small Business can Deal with Seasonal Telephone Surges

Many small businesses experience seasonal surges and at festive times like Christmas and New Year, the phone lines are jammed, small business call centerwhich is when things start to go awry. The rest of the year, we have everything covered and things work well, yet those busy few weeks stretch your resources to the limit and consequently, customer service suffers. If you are dreading the coming holiday for that very reason, you may want to consider using a virtual receptionist service. You can add as many lines as you wish, covered by remotely located qualified telephone receptionists, who know their stuff, and for a fraction of the cost of directly employing your own.

Tailored Solution

No one wants to pay for a service they never use, and with a provider who will work to your schedule allows you to choose exactly when – and for how long – you want the service. It might be for 3-4 days and you can change your needs at a minute’s notice, giving you complete control. It could be that you actually need the service for 25 days a year, in which case, that’s all you would pay for. No company wants to lose business and if the customer is frequently met with the busy tone, this needs to be remedied ASAP. With a fully flexible turn on-turn off service, you decide exactly when you want the service, which means you only pay for the service you use and with no long contract to restrict you, you have the freedom to halt the service at any time.

Prepared Scripts

As the busy time approaches, contact your virtual receptionist provider and give them all the necessary information that will allow them to answer all calls in the correct way. You can fully brief your virtual receptionist. You might, for example, have a few product lines offering a big discount and if your virtual receptionist knows about this, she can act accordingly, or perhaps there is a waiting period for a particular product – the customer needs to be aware of this – and all of this information can be relayed to the remotely located person who is handling your calls. One of the leading virtual reception providers are Reception HQ, which has an extensive list of essential business services that include overflow and seasonal surge coverage.

Online Solutions

You might be wondering how to source such a company and with an online search, this is easily achieved. In fact, the entire process of enlisting a service can be carried out virtually, and once your business is connected, you can take advantage of a range of services whenever you wish. The Internet has enabled us to do many things and with digital technology, your incoming calls can be answered by someone on the other side of the world. This amazing service is the reason why small businesses can compete with the multi-nationals and as it is tailored to suit, it is very cost-effective.

Next time you have a special promotion or season coming up, simply contact your virtual reception service provider, who can ensure that all calls are handled professionally.  That way, you can be sure that customer relations are not suffering and with all callers happy with the outcome, the only way is up!

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Seth Ejercito is a content editor at Media Buzzer.