How colors effect the rest of the business process

So you have figured out the colors that best represent your business.  How do they compare to the national leaders in your industry?  Are they similar or very different?  If they are similar, is there a reason behind it?  These are just a few of the questions you need to ask before making a final decision.  Let’s look at a few.Colors and business

Choose primary colors to highlight your company

The standard business practice is two primary colors. In addition to keeping printing costs down, you reduce the chances of creating ‘design busy-ness’. For an Internet-focused company, the color model is more flexible as long as you do not add color that introduces gaudiness.

Do you know why many alcohol-serving restaurants have red on their walls and in their menus? The color red makes people thirsty.  Blue suggests confidence and royalty. Green coveys money and the outdoors.  These are not the only emotions that these colors represent, but they are common associations.

Research how colors affect people’s emotions

Every color has an emotional response and a color number associated with it. Contact three to five local printing companies to learn the most used colors that are associated to your business line – choose the colors that convey your business. The price to print common colors is less than that of specialty colors (not readily available and often matched through a color numbering system such as Pantone Matching System, known as PMS).

Where to start

First start with the basic marketing tools. Business cards, stationary and brochures. How will these colors on the items effect customers? Think about how the top three to five national companies in your industry use these tools. If you are in a retail business, there are different leaders in each niche and they will use them a little differently. How does your target market differ from theirs?

If you’re starting a restaurant these parts become that much more difficult.  Are you doing fast food, casual dining or elegant dining? The menus, interior décor and other aspects will be effected by the colors you choose. And if you’re doing a service company there are similar questions.

How will the colors work with your chosen advertising media? 

Making a Superstar Company by Rick Polson (affiliate link)

Making a Superstar Company by Rick Polson

In newspaper, magazines, and direct mail colors need to reflect the company spirit. And where and how you use them in these media will have some reflection on the size of the logos and other color related items you decide to use.

Being an Internet company, these things can be expanded because of the electronic environment your in with the business. I still suggest two primary colors, but the option is there for one or two more. Don’t get too crazy to clutter and confuse your audience. And brick and mortar will in all likelihood have the same issues with their web site, TV commercials and web video’s.

Choosing the right colors will effect the rest of your marketing and business practices.  Those emotions set the tone for the company and how to promote it.  Where to position ads, logos, banners and many other items used to promote your business. While its seems simple, it can be one of the biggest steps you take with your company.

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    Rick Polson studied broadcast communications, receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Curry College and has since held a wide range of positions in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. He is the author of Making a Superstar Company. Rick has been involved in selling, writing, and producing ads for numerous industries and has been deeply involved in branding global product lines. Connect with Rick on Facebook or on his blog.