How should Small Business be Prepared for a Great St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, and it is yet another day for your Alabama business to make insane sales. For this to happen, your marketing team will need to prepare for the day. This is how best to go about the preparations.

1. Give rewards

How should Small Business be Prepared for a Great St. Patrick’s Day?

It does not matter what you will be selling. Even if you will sell St. Patrick’s Day shirts, giving gifts like earphones on this day is the perfect way to earn the love and loyalty of your customers. The good thing about having gifts to offer is that you never have to spend too much. You could give gift cards if someone reaches a specific target for the number of purchases they make. Giving out t-shirts and hats will be a win for you too.

You could use this opportunity to create brand awareness and spread the word about your business. That could work well by giving out t-shirts, notebooks or even pens branded with your business name.

2. Paint the town with banners and posters

Your potential customers will not be aware of the Dui injury lawyer who will be giving free consultations on St. Patrick’s Day unless you communicate. Using flyers is a very cost-efficient way of letting people know that you have something for them on the big day. You will be surprised by the returns these marketing tools will give you.

3. Social media marketing

How about you take advantage of the fuss being made on various social media platforms about the day. The comment section, for instance, will come in handy. You could drop a link or two and share information on the great deals you will be having on St Patrick’s Day. You can also do a call-to-action in the process and even ask the audience to give you suggestions and ideas for the day. That way you will have something that they are looking for and enhance customer satisfaction too.

Through this, you will get to benefit from more sales even after the celebrations are over.

4. Collaborate

You should also take advantage of the merrymaking and combine forces with other parties to extend your reach. This is the time that your marketing team should be reaching out for promoters and ask them to create awareness about that event you will be hosting on that day. Also, if you are running an e-commerce business, working with influencers and online marketers will help you reach more potential customers. Before the big day, you will have gathered quality leads that will boost your sales significantly.

You can also collaborate with other business and host a charity event to give back to the community. It is also an effective way of creating brand awareness and boosting your sales.

5. Stay relevant

Your marketing team needs to stay relevant if you are to make significant sales. What does that entail? Starting with content marketing, the content you write and videos you post for your website and other social media platforms should stay relevant to your audience. If you are also having occasions or an event, ensure that it is planned for your target audience.

You do not want to end up in a wild goose chase or worse still, let your resources go to waste. The only way you will get a good return on investment is by generating quality leads by staying relevant in your marketing efforts.

St Patrick’s Day is the time when you can change the future of your business by creating brand awareness, building authority and making innumerable sales. Use the strategies above to take your business to the next level.

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