How Small Businesses Can Boost Employee Loyalty Through Office Design

Ergonomic office designContrary to popular belief, sitting all day behind a desk is not relaxing, nor desirable. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Perhaps no one knows this as well as the online marketing community. Marketing, an inherently creative job, requires inspiration, motivation and drive. It takes people with fresh ideas who can create captivating content and design that ultimately drive business.

But sitting all day behind a desk rarely inspires creative thinking, making the task of the marketer more difficult. When jobs become less enjoyable for marketing teams, people start to search elsewhere.

Small businesses struggle to hold on to the top talent in the workplace. One reason for this is the lack of innovative design in the office. The typical desk and basic computer setup may seem ‘good enough’ for the employee or marketer to do their job. But when bigger firms and more innovative businesses compete by offering employees offices filled with ergonomic furniture and creativity inspiring workstations, it’s time for small businesses to up the ante in order to generate more loyal employees.

Here are three easy ways your small business can retain top quality employees by making just a few changes to office design.

1. Ergonomic chairs

Sitting for a long period of time in a chair that is less than supportive can leave a person feeling sore, tired and achy. Over weeks and months of sitting in the same chair, the lack of support can wear on the body causing chronic pain and stiffness.

Your employees do not want to leave work each day feeling worn down and tired because of the chair they are forced to sit in all day to do their job.

An ergonomic chair provides lower lumbar support that lets a person sit comfortably while maintaining good posture. When a person is more comfortable on the job, they are also more productive. Instead of focusing on the pain they felt sitting in an unsupportive chair, your employees will be able to focus more on their tasks at hand. This increased productivity will inspire your team to be happier at work, improving the loyalty in your office.

2. Monitor arms

Online marketing involves a significant amount of multi-tasking on the part of your employees. The analysis of big data must translate into effective campaigns that propel your business forward. The creation of new content requires that your marketing writers and social media managers toggle between multiple screens to find the facts, figures, images and words necessary to fulfill your strategy.

Staring at the computer screen for a long period of time, as online marketers do can put a strain on the eyes causing your employees to squint and struggle to see their work. This leads to headaches and fatigue – neither of which inspires happiness in the workplace.

To help, add a monitor arm to prop up the screen so that it is adjustable to your employee’s preferences to ease the amount of eyestrain they face. This way, they can move the screen to the right height and distance so that they do not have to struggle to see their work.  Your head will move forward in an effort to get your eyes close enough to the screen to make heads or tails out of it.  So a monitor that’s too far away leads to a hunched back.  Move the monitor closer to your eyes and you’ll sit up straight with your head balanced over your shoulders.  Monitor arms will help you get more done, feel better at work, and you give your team a reason to love working with you.

3. Adjustable height desks

As mentioned earlier, sitting for a long period of time is not relaxing. It is also unhealthy.

Standing Desk

Standing Desk (Photo credit: Scott Robbin)

With more research coming out about the dangers of sitting behind a desk for a long period of time, companies are doing their part to help improve the health and happiness of their team. A stand up desk allows an employee to stand when they are tired, rejuvenating their energy in the workplace and allowing them to feel healthier while behind their desk. Some companies even add a treadmill to the desk to create a space where employees can walk while they work, albeit slowly.

Standing desks, adjustable height desks, and treadmill desks are quickly taking the place of old office furniture that is clunky and inflexible. Now, modern businesses and employees improve their workstation to inspire more energy, creativity and productivity with a desk that allows a person to change postures as often as they would like throughout the workday and keep moving. Doing so makes work more enjoyable and allows your team to feel their best while in the office.

No matter how you decide to change up your workplace, giving online marketers a workplace design that alleviates their aches and pains while making work more enjoyable will encourage employee loyalty. Has your team asked for any new workplace design updates?

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