How to beat these dirty negotiation tactics

Numerous specialists keep talking and offering advice about negotiations, and the majority of them highlight the fact that a successful negotiation is highly related to good cooperation and willingness to reach a win-win agreement.negotiation In order to get what they want, negotiators opt for all sorts of tricks and techniques, so what should you do when you need to make a deal with a person whose only interest is to use dirty tactics? Even though it will be really difficult for you to fight such negotiation strategies, you can do but be prepared! Here are some of the most common tricks used by slick negotiators, as well as several efficient ways to beat them.

The “last” issue must be the final one

At a certain point, your opponent will make you believe that if you agree to his last wish, you will make the deal. So you compromise, and after a while, you realize that his last wish wasn’t actually the last one and that other issues kept popping up. Eventually, you will end up giving away almost everything and accept a solution that is totally useless to you.

In order to avoid this situation, you have to begin the negotiation by specifying all issues that will be discussed, as well as their importance. In case your counterpart wants to introduce a new problem, you have to add it to the list and re-organize everything. And when your client wishes to solve the last issue, make sure you do it and close the deal immediately.

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Talk to the right person

When you have to meet with a person to negotiate a matter, don’t forget to verify whether he/she is the real decision maker. Otherwise, you will end up spending precious time discussing with a representative who is only able to negotiate discounts, and who can’t actually purchase from you.

Therefore, you have to check how the decision to purchase will be made on the client’s side, which has the capacity to decide, and who influences the process. Once you do this, you’ll be able to address to the right person.


Don’t let a false deadline fool you

Your client will try to pressure you to sign the contract as fast as possible in order to make you accept a deal that doesn’t match your necessities and wishes. Always keep in mind that time is a really valued pressure strategy. So, you need to explain to your client that your only interest is to find a solution that pleases both of you. In case you notice that your counterpart keeps pressuring you, maybe you should simply walk away.

Deliberate delays shouldn’t influence you

Numerous manipulative clients rely on the idea that you have already invested money and time on that specific sale, and you won’t be interested in giving up without actually selling your goods or services. And they take advantage of this situation in order to convince you to compromise. Hence, it is highly recommended to remain as calm as possible, and not to hurry to give away things just to make the deal. Bear in mind that your client has also invested time in this process, so he/she wants to benefit from it too.


Don’t undersell yourself

Generally, employers opt for this trick during job interviews. Initially, they look really eager to hire you, and out of the blue, they change their mood and present no interest in you. If they see that you try to recuperate your position, they will offer you the job, even though they won’t give you the salary you expect. So, you will end up accepting their offer, wrongly assuming that they don’t like you too much.

What you have to do is explain to them again why the salary they propose is not appropriate and let them decide whether they can pay for your services and skills or not.

Pay a lot of attention to the summary

When your counterpart summarizes the final solution, he/she might omit several aspects that don’t appeal to him, and that is why you must listen vigilantly to the concluding part of the agreement. Besides, you should write all important details down and verify whether the summary portrays the things you have accepted.

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