“How to Blog” Posts…What a Joke!

FacesI HATE seeing posts titled “How to Blog” on websites that I visit.  I can see the theory and thought process behind the title.  I mean “how to blog” gets about 1 gazillion exact match searches on Google each month.  But really?  “How to blog” explained in one, 700 word post?  C’mon people!

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re a casual blogger who just wants to write and see your words on the internet then those types of blog posts will come in handy…at first.  Soon, though, even the novice blogger will outgrow the the “how to blog” and “make money blogging” types of posts that there are OH SO MANY of.

Business blogging is a different animal altogether, though.  A business blogger is looking for inbound marketing.  They’re looking to get their content in front of as many people as possible and to convert readers into followers and customers.

So, the “how to blog”-type of blog doesn’t really suit their needs.

The truth is that basic blogging-the blogging that’s done as a hobby-and business blogging are two, totally different animals.

Basic Blogging Needs

Hosting:  Yes, you need hosting for your website.  Remember that the cheapest hosting is not the best hosting.  Look for a hosting company with one-click WordPress install and excellent, live-chat customer support.  You’ll be happy that you did when there’s an issue.

Domain Name:  There are a bunch of different schools of thought on what makes the best the domain name for your website or blog.  Just remember this:  the shorter and more descriptive of what you do or who you are, the better.  Stay with .com, .net and .org domains.  Don’t get cute!

Basic WordPress Knowledge:  I’ll always advocate WordPress for blogs, even the free wordpress.com domains over other free blog services.  The best thing about WordPress is that it is so widely used by the blogging world that you can find hundreds of thousands tutorials online for anything to do with WordPress.

Passion:  If you’re blogging and you don’t have a passion for what you’re writing about then you can bank on the fact that you won’t be around long in the blogging world.  Without passion there is no TRUE motivation to keep going.

Those are the basic blogging needs, now here are some additional things you’ll need to know about for successful business blogging.

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Additional Business Blogging Needs

Intel:  Who are your readers?  Your customers?  What do they want?  If you don’t know what who your readers are, what they want from and what motivates them to buy what you’re trying to sell them then you’ll never be successful in business blogging.  This kind of intel can be found via sites like Google Analytics and Alexa.com and by running your own surveys on your site to actually ask readers and customers what they want you to post about.

Sales Pitches that are Sales Pitches , The “Call to Action”:  Start writing posts and creating web pages that are rife with cheesy, aggressive sales pitches and it will turn your audience off faster than a television by a mother at bedtime.  The best “call to action” will be subtle yet “in your face” at the same time.  In other words, the call to action is right there in front of the reader but done so in a way that doesn’t seem salesy.

Writers:  Want to know the absolute worst thing about finding writers for your business blog?  There’s too many of them.  That’s right!  A good freelance blogger  is hard to find.  Your blog writers must be competent and technically sound with web writing and blog platforms, but also be dynamic enough to be able to conform the tone and voice that you want for your blog.

About Ken Muise

Ken Muise is a freelance blogger and owner/admin of Content4Blogs.com.  His specialties include business blogging, Android apps, leadership, military and resiliency blog topics.