How to deliver an effective mobile messaging campaign

With the vast majority of the world’s population owning a mobile phone, it’s little wonder that mobile messaging campaigns are so popular with marketers. Hardly is a phone ever out of the consumer’s sight, thus potential for creating a beneficial relationship and receiving a great return on investment is high.

Mobile marketing

You probably know the basics: campaigns should be on-going, not a ‘one-off’, content should be personal and relevant, your database must be legally complaint… But what else? Here’s a quick guide on how to deliver a brilliant mobile messaging campaign…

Build trust through transparency

No-one wants to provide their personal details to a company without first knowing why they are doing so or what it actually means. Therefore, when it comes to the all-important opt-in, transparency is excessively important. Ensure that consumers know what sort of communication they will be receiving and how often. Assure them that their details will not be passed on to any third party affiliates (unless agreed otherwise). Give them the chance to amend their subscription preferences. Provide links to the all-important, lawful opt-out. Doing so can help build trust between marketer and consumer, making them more inclined to engage with the brand, rather than ignore the communications.

Maintain and segment your database

As your database grows, it’s important that any information obtained through various communications is used efficiently to further improve engagement. Thus an intelligent CRM system and strategy is essential; these applications can help to maintain information, enhancing it and helping you to better target your market via segmentation. However some thought has to go into it too – for example, the user needs to consider all customer/prospect buying journeys, map out their communications against this and manage the entire lifecycle. The application helps to automate this process.

Why segment your database? Well, it’s likely that not all of your messages will be relevant to all of your database. Segmentation is vital for engagement; it can focus on location, gender, age and hobbies, allowing marketers to send out targeted SMSs to achieve some great results.

Use your 160 characters well

Has a character limit caused any issues for marketers on Twitter? Not really. Therefore, it shouldn’t throw any obstacles in the path of SMS marketers, providing those characters are put to good and effective use. Use the information captured on your CRM to determine what sort of content your intended recipients most actively engage with and create a text accordingly. Perhaps they willingly follow links to your website, maybe they enter prize draws or possibly they simply respond to those which contain the word ‘discount’. Be clever, relevant and timely. The message doesn’t need to solely comprise text either; vine videos, pdfs, photos and other rich media can transform a simple text message into an all-encompassing experience.

Ask the audience

You will get the best value from your database if you ask them, once in a while, why it was that they wanted to hear from you in the first place. Was it so that they could get the best deals or do they simply adore your brand? Don’t be afraid to interact in this way; it conveys a kind of respect and shows that you really do value their loyalty. You can check in with prospects, too, asking if there’s anything you can do to help them make their buying decision. Don’t forget to ask them to update their preferences every now and then, especially if you’re releasing a new product or service on to the market.

Plus, you could ask if they would be happy to complete a consumer survey and have the responses feed into your CRM for future use. With open rates on SMS at 99.9%, why would you want to start anywhere else with your surveys? You’ll have the greatest chance at a response. Plus, 50% of consumers who have responded to mobile messaging – marketing, survey-based or otherwise – go on to make a purchase, so why not?!

Always honour your opt-in promise

At the very beginning, you provided your opt-ins with information pertaining to the whys, hows and wherefores of their subscription. In exchange for this valuable information, you promised not to share their details, not to spam their mobile inbox and not to do anything that might ruin the important relationship that has developed between you. Therefore this point is easy: make sure you do what you promised. It’s well worth doing so; research shows that when best practice and core principles of mobile marketing are exhibited throughout a campaign, conversion rates are higher – and that’s what it’s all about, after all.


About Rob Townsend

Rob Townsend is the Marketing & Communications Director for A seasoned strategist, Rob has over 18 years experience in creating and implementing national/international marketing campaigns. A well-known speaker in the mobile marketing sector, Rob has also successfully executed major change programmes and held numerous board positions – notably with the AMP and the Government Procurement Service (central government). Having worked with the likes of Sass, the Home Group and the Direct Marketing Group, Rob’s knowledge/skills span many business and consumer markets. His past achievements include developing the infamous nodding dog for Churchill and rebranding Midland to HSBC. In his current role as Marketing & Communications Director for Text Local, you’ll find Rob brainstorming innovative ideas in an energetic, passionate manner.