How to Ensure Long Working Hours Don’t Negatively Affect Employees

I just saw a post on that talks about how the “long-hours work culture” is killing employees. employee surveysAccording to the author, overworked employees are prone to illness and stress and thus less likely to be less productive. But is this really true for every employee?

There are several factors that determine the efficiency of an employee.

1) Age of an employee

2) Whether they work alone or in a group

3) Their level of willpower

4) Whether they are mentally or physically strong

5) Nature of the work

6) Work environment

7) The intelligence of the employee

8) Whether they are satisfied with their salary or not

It is not always the case that employees will drop out if they are required to work more overtime. A lot will depend on the factors above.

The work should be enjoyable

If the nature of work is something that is a physical or mental drain then such type of work will prove to be exhausting.

If they are doing the right type of work – that is enjoyable to them – then the energy generated gives them joy when working long hours. A great example could be that of a scientist who is not even aware of the time when lost in his research.

Of course, one cannot always enjoy long hours of work and so caution is needed while trying to push them into extra effort. It is best to get the work done from younger employees who are desperately looking to make money. Their enthusiasm and sense of responsibility will give them the required will-power to work long hours.

Make use of collective efforts

Actually, there is a lot of enthusiasm when employees work collectively. Working collectively doesn’t mean that the employees are doing their own jobs by simply sitting near each other. It means they are involved in completing a single task or the completion of the task is dependent on the collaboration.

The physical and mental strength of employees

The physical and mental strength of every employee is not the same. Research shows that a human being is comprised of a kundalini power (primordial energy) along with Nadis and Chakras. All these together form the kundalini instrument. The awakening of this primordial energy is called self-realization and once this happens, all you have to do is grow this energy on daily basis with the help of regular meditation.

There are many “self-realized” people on this earth. They understand the power of meditation for good physical and mental health.  Their self-realized state helps them meditate and grow their primordial energy. Such people can easily balance out even after working hard for long hours. You can also opt for a workplace meditation program and that will even help your older employees.

The effect of the work environment

You could probably locate a lot of advice on the topic of – how to get along with your coworkers – but in reality, it’s difficult. Coworkers are the most integral part of your small business and the relationships are certainly going to make a difference when it comes to working long hours.

There will always be clashes when narrow-minded employees are trying to get along with open-minded ones. Narrow-minded people always think they are right while the open-minded people are humble and open to the possibility that they may even be wrong.

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