How To Improve Creativity In Your Office

A creative workforce is more important than ever in today’s economic climate. For a business to survive, it needs to be innovative, imaginative, and able to come up with ideas that are a little out of the ordinary. But with day-to-day tasks to take of, it’s easy to slip into routines and never get fully into the creative flow.How To Improve Creativity In Your Office

Here, we take a look at how you can improve creativity in your office.

Don’t get carried away with the rules

All businesses need rules for the workforce, but don’t just set boundaries for the sake of it. Giving staff a little freedom will help them to feel valued, and give them the space they need to be creative and generate winning ideas. Is it really necessary, for example, for your staff to dress formally at all times? In many cases, it won’t be. Dress down days and flexible working options can help to form a more creative environment.

Encourage playtime

Many big companies such as Google and Facebook are incorporating an element of play into the workplace, by adding slides, pool tables, and more. Encouraging your staff to take a little time out now and again can lead to them coming back to their desks refreshed and full of inspiration. Another benefit of this approach is that your company becomes a much more desirable place to work. Make sure that you shout about it when trying to attract top talent!

Network with other businesses

It’s easy to run out of ideas when you’re seeing the same people and doing the same work, day in and day out. Wherever possible, let your staff get out and network with other businesses. This could be in the form of formal networking events, or more relaxed set-ups. There are a number of Office space providers who offer shared office space with other businesses, which can be brilliant for meeting new people and generating new ideas.

Encourage the sharing of knowledge

When your staff start working together and sharing their thoughts, this is when the magic often happens. Working in silos is rarely good for anyone, so make sure that you’re positively promoting collaboration. You could achieve this by creating a special space for working together within your office, or having a dedicated amount of time each week that’s available for sharing ideas on new and existing projects.

Make the office a bright and inspiring place

Drab office space never inspired anyone to do anything great, so don’t just stick to the norms when it comes to décor. Instead of boring charts and graphs, bring in a splash of colour and some enticing images. Outdoor scenery, inspirational quotes, and anything else that’s a little outside of the box can be brilliant for improving creativity. Try getting everyone involved in how the office will look for a further morale boost.

Putting just a few of these tips into action could have a massive impact on just how creative your workers are.

Does your business actively value creativity? How do you encourage it in the workplace?

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