How To Locally Market Your Business With An Event Venue

If you’re aiming to push the boundaries of your digital marketing game for your brand, you’re likely going to take advantage of events for your small business. event-venueAfter all, what better way to make sure you get the kind of leads you need if you invite them over to events yourself? Of course, as easy as the proposition might sound, actually planning for the said event – marketing it much more so – can be extremely challenging, especially if you haven’t dealt with events before. This article will tackle ways on how to locally market your business with an event venue. With the ways below, you’re likely going to have a better take on maximizing your event and a venue’s marketing potential to reap benefits and returns for your business.

First, a few statistics: numbers actually point towards a majority (80-percent!) of marketers believing live events have a big role when it comes to the success of a campaign, much more a brand. In fact, businesses that were considered “over-performers” put a lot of emphasis on live events as an effective marketing channel. Here are other efficient ways towards locally marketing your business with an event venue:

  • Create brand engagement by doing events inside the event: One of the best ways to make a mark to your customers is by engaging with them, as after all customers nowadays are now looking towards more personal experiences with products and brands before developing loyalty towards them. As such, making a powerful impression can literally last to your consumers. If you have the opportunity to be in an event venue, try to engage your customers by doing something unique for them.
  • Try to think of something that not only resonates with your branding, the service you want to advertise or the product you want to offer, but also something that is related to the event you’re attending and the consumers you’re touching base on. This can be a trend or the theme of the event.
  • Try to make an “event” that exclusively happens in your booth that can be used to attract attention. This can be a photobooth, a question-and-answer segment with freebies, or even interactive ways to get to know your products such as demonstrations.
  • Track your event real-time by live feeds: One of the many ways you can bring your brand to life in an event is to actually offers fans from far away the opportunity to be with your brand even if they’re not physically in the event venue. A way you can do this is by doing a live feed from your booth for your fans to see. Make sure you also engage with your fans online while doing this.
  • Try to think of something that fans can do even without them being in your event venue. They can participate in a special version of your booth’s games, or maybe even have an entirely different event for their own.
  • You can also use the live feed as an opportunity to continuously share insights about products or services you can’t do with customers that are just going around the event.
  • Take advantage of social media: Today’s social and digital society means there’s a demand for better ways to connect with others and our families and peers. As such, it’s important to take advantage of such connectivity by banking on the power of social media to connect you to your target audience wherever you’re in the venue. Try to encourage people to actually actively like and engage with your brand for prizes and other benefits.
  • You can have a machine set up in the booth and have people to actually sign up and like your page or other networks to win a prize, such as a premium, discount, or even giving away an actual product or service.
  • This actually can greatly help establish engagement as you’re actually giving them something “immediate” and “on the spot” This can give them the impression that you really are an extremely fast service.
  • Try to seek help from a lot of experts and figures in the industry: If you’re aiming to be part of the industry’s largest influencers, you’ve got to acknowledge the legends. You can greatly improve your brand’s credibility and reputation if you actually seek out professionals and experts, and invite them to be part of your troupe when you go to an event. This can add a whole layer of social networking in your grasp.
    • Try to make sure the expert you’re getting is someone known in the industry, so they’re someone recognizable to fans and enthusiasts.
    • Try to get that expert to “hype” the event – particularly your booth – in their own social media to gather fans and potential attention. This can greatly boost your potential customer base in the event.
    • Get opportunities to get the personality involved with fans, such as a live conference, or a teaching session, or just talking with fans about the niche.


When it comes to building a brand image, it’s important to understand that maximizing your digital marketing assets isn’t enough – it’s also essential you understand how they work into providing the returns you need. As such before you follow the tips on how to locally market your business with an event venue, try first to understand which aspects of your business are best suited for such a marketing strategy, and only then start working your way through its execution.


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