How to Make Strong Work Relationships in Your Team

Building an effective team is a real challenge, because team leaders and people, who work a a team need to know the techniques for successful teamwork.

What are the main features and characteristics of a successful and efficient team?How to Make Strong Work Relationships in Your Team

A successful and efficient team can be recognized by its work, because:

  • Its members can think of successful solutions and challenges;
  • The team uses the maximum of the individual skills and knowledge of each and every member;
  • An efficient team is literally an incubator of innovative and creative ideas;
  • It offers efficient business strategies;
  • A successful team creates a sense of comfort, safety and satisfaction of the work done;
  • It uses the conflicts not to make some tension between the team members, but to create new ideas and develop some competitive strategies.

What should you do in order to create a successful and efficient team?

Most HR specialists say that in order to create a successful and efficient team you need to be aware of the so-called “vital characteristics” of every team member. There are three of them:


A successful team demonstrates one common intention to reach certain goals. This means that it spends all the time necessary for formulating the goals and accepting each one of them as a personal one by every team member. After all, all of them are mutually responsible for the outcome, so the only pronoun used within a team is “We”.


Being a part of a certain team is based on three main factors – knowledge, ability of saving problems and communication skills.

Common goals

The main goal of the team is different from the individual goals of every team member. A successful team spends enough time and efforts of formulating and negotiation of the goal that has to be accepted by all members of the team. In addition, you need also the support of the company or sponsoring organization in order to make success.

How should you overcome the conflicts within the team?

In order to overcome the conflicts between the members of your team you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • All conflicts should be solved immediately.
  • Conflicts should not be underestimated.
  • Observe and solve all problematic situations that may rise a conflict sooner or later.
  • Study the genesis of the conflict.
  • Draw the attention of your team members of the problem itself, and not on their personalities.

How can you use team buildings in order to make your team more efficient?

First, you need to know that team building is not an event, but a process, which usually takes more time that you have initially thought. The process of building a successful team and a team attitude towards the tasks you are dealing with is long and it is also often difficult. That is why it involves overcoming many obstacles, including the challenge of shattering the habits of a large percentage of working people, who are only used to following some orders without being ready to bear any responsibilities, or be creative, or share and communicate.

That is the reason why many companies and team leaders believe that team building trainings are just one or two days topped with a fun little game and a couple of tests that guarantee that everything will go smoothly from now on. However, the process is much longer and requires not only proper trainings, but also a lot of efforts and work given not only by the employees, but also given by the management. After all, both the ones, who lead the team and the ones who provide any workplaces are responsible for making the team exist and function normally. Which, after all, is a matter if managerial competence.

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