How to optimize an online store for SEO

How to optimize an online store for SEO

Let’s focus on how can you optimize your website, and to do so, we’ll hear from the specialist who created e-commerce software to run an online store,

Why is a high ranking position in Google so important?

If your online store and your products are visible on Google, this will bring more traffic to your website. It will also positively affect profits. Don’t forget that a majority of customers look for products on Google by using the appropriate keywords. And here’s how to have your site found for those keywords.

1. Your domain should match the name of the store

We will start with the optimization of the entire store for SEO. Make sure that the online domain matches the name of your store. Therefore, when you choose the name of your company, check whether the domain is available. In addition, the domain of the online store should be simple, so that the customers can easily remember it and could enter it in the search engine. Domains with the ending “.com” are the best.

2. Create unique product descriptions

Unique product descriptions are very important. Remember not to copy descriptions from other websites! A common mistake among online stores owners is copying descriptions from suppliers. This phenomenon results in what Google calls Duplicate Content and has a negative impact on positioning.

Therefore, stand out from the competition and optimize your store! Write in a simple and understandable language. Speak the language of benefits and indicate why the customer should purchase your item. In addition, divide the description into several parts. Indicate the general aspects of the product and create more detailed information about the stock or collection. Finally, enter the technical specification of the product such as parameters.

3. Use keywords

The last tip is the implementation of keywords. As mentioned above, the keyword itself can be the domain of the online store. It is important that the title of the item includes its name, model, additional parameters, e.g. color. In the detailed information, also include keywords – preferably in the intensity of 3% to 7%- when it’s more you can get the opposite effect.


The store’s optimization is very important and positively affect your profit.

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