How to Optimize Your Working Life as a Small Business Owner

Running a small business is a challenge at the best of times. Sometimes, you make the mistake of trying to do it all and won’t hire in. Other times, your procedures aren’t the best to keep your operations humming along nicely.

Working Life as a Small Business Owner

Here are some tips on how to optimize your working life to make it a bit less stressful.

Hiring Key Roles

There comes a time in any small business when it makes sense to hire someone to do some of the work for you. Then you can focus on the most important tasks that you’re most suitable for and no one else can do.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, then consider working with Corporate Job Bank. They’re a staffing agency in Phoenix that started in the 80s and are still going strong today. This is because they know the local market very well and how to find just the right people for small businesses that operate nearby. Why not let them see if they can find a new recruit for you too?

Use Kanban for Better Project Organization

To get better organized on individual projects and outstanding tasks, why not learn to use Kanban? It’s a simple organizational system that uses a handful of boards where tasks are placed on cards and pinned to the relevant board. This way, you can visually see what tasks are outstanding. Kanban can be run manually, or using software or a mobile app.

While the boards can be labeled however you wish, usually people start off with “To Do,” “Doing” and “Done.” It’s also a good idea to set a hard limit on how many active tasks get pinned to the Doing board at one time. This prevents a small business getting bogged down with too many tasks that are part-way completed. It also helps with maintaining good cashflow because completed tasks often trigger a final payment in many cases.

Embrace Minimalism to Uncomplicate Life

Embrace minimalism with office life. Actively look for redundant steps within work procedures or those that can be reduced in complexity. Sometimes people don’t realize there’s a more efficient way to complete a task than what they are used to. Taking a fresh look at the way the business functions, it’s possible to simplify it. See if tasks can be automated to remove them from needing to be done on a regular basis as well.

Office minimalism works well too. A less cluttered workspace is better than an office stuffed with things that no one uses. Go down to the basics and then work back up to only what’s required now.

Go Paperless with Cloud Storage

Root out any use of paper unless it is totally necessary. Use cloud computing and the power of storage in the cloud to keep important files. There are plenty of cloud providers like Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive that provide business-oriented file storage. They offer additional security safeguards and they store multiple past copies of every file that has multiple versions over time. It’s also safer than risking all the company’s important files being stored locally because the office could be accessed unlawfully over a weekend and the PCs stolen.

Optimize your small business to ensure it runs smoother than it would otherwise. When you have both limited time and resources available, streamlining helps to get the most bang for your buck.

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