How to Organize Your Computer for Increased Productivity

One of the biggest factors of productivity is how well your computer runs. If you have a slow, unorganized computer, it makes it hard to get your work finished and it is super frustrating to have to wait on a computer in our fast-paced lives. Here are  five easy steps to organizing your computer to help increase the productivity of your small business.Organize your computer

  • Folders
    For an organized computer, folders will become your best friend. They will make your life so much easier when you need to quickly find certain files, pictures, etc. Some of the best organizing systems suggest organizing everything by date. You could even break down your files into other categories like products, customers, or whatever makes the most sense for your business. There are also software programs out there that will help you keep everything organized.
  • Naming Files
    Come up with a uniform system for naming the files on your computer. If you work in an office that shares files, make sure the whole office is naming everything the same way in order to make it easier for you and your coworkers to find the files you need. Keeping file names consistent and in the correct folders will make everyone’s day go by much smoother.
  • Clean out the Clutter
    Make sure to get rid of files, pictures or anything that is no longer relevant. If you’re afraid of deleting these things permanently, move them to an external storage. By clearing out some of the clutter on your computer, you can speed up its operations and allow it to run more efficiently.
  • External Storage
    There are several options when it comes to external storage. Two of the most popular seem to be cloud space and external hard-drives. There are many companies out there who have their own cloud and will sell you space in it for a reasonable price. The other option is to buy an external hard-drive, which is a pretty low cost solution. One terabyte of space will cost you around $100. Not only is external storage good for simply getting rid of the clutter on your computer, it is also useful for backing up important files. You can download anything you need to keep into your external storage and feel safe knowing that even if your computer crashes, your information is still accessible.
  • Don’t Mix Home & Business Computers
    Nothing good can come of using your personal computer for business purposes or vice versa. On a personal computer, most people save tons of photos, videos, games, music and other big files. All of those are things that will significantly slow down your computer. Your business computer should run quickly and shouldn’t be loaded down with irrelevant files. Using a business computer for personal use can also expose it to viruses and other harmful computer software. Make the better choice and don’t mix the two.

By following these five simple tips, you will make your computer more organized and allow it to run more efficiently and also make you a more productive employee!


About Matt White

Matt White is an entrepreneur and founder of one of the leading office copier dealers in the Southeast United States. He takes pride in sharing his experience with other businesses to help them increase their productivity and bottom line.