How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

It is inevitable that certain markets become saturated over time. This saturation makes it difficult for small start ups and young businesses to break through to add some much needed fuel into the established fire. Although the economy needs a fresh bunch of businesses to create growth and profit, being able to stand out from the crowd to gain organic growth can be long and arduous. Here are just a few tips and bold moves to implement into a business plan.How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Become good at something difficult

Why would you go to a cake shop for a big event rather than bake it yourself? Because you probably wouldn’t be able to make that cake as well as they could. Why would a company pay another business for a service that they could do themselves? The best entrepreneurial businesses find a challenging gap in the market to provide sought after services.

Focus on the customer

Remember the age old saying within B2C: ‘The customer always comes first.’ Without your customers you business will dwindle and eventually fail. Fit your marketing plan and products to specific target markets rather than create a wishy-washy campaign which tries to cater to everyone. Tone of voice, colour schemes and even design elements like typography all matter when creating brand image.

Be bold

In order to make your presence felt, you may have to conjure up a few bold marketing ideas. There are plenty of great examples out there within every industry which have benefitted from being a bit different, from annoying shouty men in TV advertisements to humorous ad campaigns to even low budget films which dared to step outside the Hollywood blockbuster structure to make a memorable and classic movie masterpiece.

Be different

Analyse your competitors carefully in order to find out where your business can do things differently. For example, many customers are willing to pay a little extra for organic produce and many others appreciate the fact that a product is made or sourced locally rather than from a cost-cutting location overseas.

…and tell your customers

If you have gone to the time and effort to create a better experience for you customers, let them know about it! Outline why they should be using your services and explain how they can benefit from your existence in the marketplace. Past client testimonials go a long way when voicing these bold statements.

Be genuine and honourable

Morals and ethics have been big business topics for some time now. Go viralMore customers are now educating themselves on business factors which affect our economy such as tax avoidance and zero hour contracts, which was highlighted by this year’s g20 summit. You can shout jargon such as ‘trustworthy’ and ‘here for you’ until you are blue in the face, but if you are found out to be dodging the taxman in the process, all your homely marketing efforts could be undone.

Go viral

Social media sites are quick and cheap marketing tools for a new business. The best way to gain new followers quickly is to create content (videos, images, competitions etc) which are more likely to go viral over text based posts. Again, think bold, relevant, humorous images which will make a visual impact onscreen.  Outreachr blogging tools are also a great way to boost your SEO stats and brand exposure.

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