How Do I Start a Small Business in Exporting?

It is often the dream of budding entrepreneurs to live a life of overseas adventure and travel, or to live in a foreign land on a permanent basis. One of the best ways to make sure that this dream becomes a reality is to start an import-export business with the emphasis on exporting from the United States. The United States market is one of the largest in the world, and imports more goods than many of the rest of the worlds economies, but focusing on exporting products or services to other countries is actually a lot easier for a small business starting out for the first time. The reasons to focus on exporting are many, but the main reason to get involved in the industry is the help that you can get along the way.

The United States government wants to help you start your export business and to make it flourish. Like every other economy, the balance of imports versus exports is very important to the bottom line of a nation. If there are more imports than exports this creates what is known as a trade deficit, and is highly frowned upon as a draining of economic strength. On the other side of the coin, exporting more goods and services than are imported is called a trade surplus, and nations that enjoy trade surpluses are the envy of the economist in every country.

Right now, the United States has a problem to solve, and you might be able to provide the solution, as well as fulfill your dream of living in a strange land at the same time. In order to encourage trade on a mutual basis, the United States has done several things to encourage not only other countries to buy our products, but has extended a helping hand out to those who wish to export to overseas markets in several ways.

Product Ideas

The US government keeps track of what products and services are sold to other markets not only for financial data, but to pass it on to those who want to sell to other markets but have no clue of what to offer?

Market Analysis

All of the market analysis you could possible think of has already been done for you in most of the countries of the world. The US export assistance program has spend millions of dollars to ensure that those who want to export have all of the market data they need at the very beginning. The best part of it is that is at no cost.

Export Assistance Mentoring

The SBA (Small Business Administration) runs export assistance centers specifically to help small business owners plan export businesses.


Once you have a few customers, there is even specific funds for your export business through the Import-Export Bank Of The United States.

What are you waiting for, do your research and pack a bag. The reasons to move to another country are personal. All of the information on how to do it is public, and everything but the funding is free.

About Sara Smith

Sarah Smith is a small business owner, who uses new methods of marketing to help boost the visibility of SME's, without them paying big brand marketing budgets. When moving overseas, she used Hunt Migration to secure a business visa. She's enjoying living in a new country, and helping other businesses to thrive.