How to Successfully Manage Your Small Business While Traveling

Small business owners never really get a break, even when they decide to take a vacation there`s certain things that still need to be looked after. Whether you`re travelling for business or pleasure, here are some tips on how to successfully manage your business while you`re travelling.

How to Successfully Manage Your Small Business While Traveling

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Staying Productive In the Sky

A lot of travel time is spent in airplanes or waiting around at airports. You can take advantage of this and turn these waits it into productive endeavours rather than complete time sinks. The most practical way to do this is to have a laptop to bring with you while you travel that you can do work on. Airports have WiFi connections you can use, and thanks to the cloud you can have all of your important documents at your fingertips to work on while you`re away from the office.

Some flights have WiFi, others don`t, but you can still get a lot of work done without an internet connection if you plan ahead. If you will need to be doing some research, for example, you can find a pile of websites on the topic and save them for offline viewing. If you need to work on some copywriting or content for your blog, this is a great time. All you need to do is plan ahead and get yourself a little stack of tasks to work on while you`re offline and you can turn any flight into an incredibly productive chance to catch up on work.

Must-Haves For Working Remotely

You probably can`t take the whole office with you when you travel, but you can certainly stay busy and productive while you travel. Here are some must-haves for the small business owner on the go.

  • A lightweight laptop is essential. A lightweight and portable device to work from and to access your files, such as an ultrabook or a tablet with a keyboard attachment, is something you`ll be very thankful for. They might not be as powerful as normal big, heavy laptops but when you`re travelling, it makes a big difference.
  • Cloud storage software will keep you in sync. It will sync all of your important files across your portable device and your workstation, meaning any changes you make will be up to date, no need to worry about bringing the latest versions of files with you or replacing the old ones when you get back. Dropbox is incredibly useful for this, and free.
  • Headphones to help you tune out the distractions. Wearing headphones on a flight will also let people nearby know that you`re intent on focusing on work rather than making small talk about the weather for a six hour flight.
  • A good data plan for your phone. You can`t use your phone`s data on an airplane, however you never know when you`re going to get to a hotel where the internet connections are spotty at best, so rather than lose a night of productivity, you can simply use your phone`s data plan to power your laptop`s internet connection with tethering.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips For Small Business Owners

Now is the time to take advantage of that company card and all the points you`ve been building up, so don`t forget to double check your balance before booking your tickets.
Don`t forget to take a little time for you, even on a business trip. Grab a nice dinner, pry yourself away from the computer every now and then to live in the moment, it`s not all about work.

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Gabriela Moller is a small business owner from Melbourne, Australia. Her work demands frequent travel. Thanks to Virgin's Velocity Rewards frequent flyer program, she can now spare some money while travelling and enjoy staying in the private airport lounge.