How to Tell Your Brand Story on Social Media

The attention of the customer is shifting, and it’s shifting fast.

A billboard, a TV commercial, print or radio advertising is becoming easier to tune out or ignore. The consumer is now in control of what they view, what they share, and on what screen they view it.Gaining Customer attention

You can’t buy your customer’s attention anymore – You have to earn it.

The best way you can earn that attention is by combining the power of storytelling with social media. Stories are inherently social, and social media is about making connections. Social media provides the platform to share your brand with the world. Storytelling allows you to connect with your audience and inspire them to act.

So which social media site should you use to tell your story? That depends on the type of business you own. Whatever you decide to use, you must always think about where your ideal audience is, and be visible where they are.

Here are a few other examples of social media platforms for your business:

Facebook: With 1.15 billion users, it’s hard to ignore Facebook. There’s a greater chance that your customers are using it, so you want to be where they are. It’s also one of the best “bang for your buck” marketing tools out there. An ad can cost as little as $10 a day! And remember: it’s easy to create a Facebook Page for your brand, but it’s important to engage with your fans. For easy ways to increase your Facebook engagement, sign up for my upcoming webinar, “How to Turn Facebook Likes Into Customer Love (And $).”

Foursquare: This location-based social network is best for businesses on the move. Food trucks in my hometown of Los Angeles are a great example, as are wine brands that sell their products at different restaurants. Foursquare helps your customers keep track of where your product is being sold and what events you’re planning next. It also allows your fans to “check in” and share their stories about your brand with their friends.

Instagram: If your business has a visual element, this user-friendly photo-sharing platform is a great option for sharing your brand story. A boutique can share a preview next season’s clothing line, or a wedding photographer can show sneak peeks from their latest shoot. Instagram photos can also be shared easily on your other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers. If you’re a small business owner, you want your brand story on the largest online professional networking service in the world. The power users of LinkedIn use it not only to share company happenings, articles, and expertise, but also to ask their network questions about potential new product and service offerings. Your business should do the same!

Pinterest: Pinterest’s rapidly growing fan base means it can be a great tool for your business. It’s pinboard-style, photo-sharing platform is perfect for brands looking to tell their story through images. The key here is to make sure your brand is sharing visual content that your fans want to see. For example, a café should share a photo of a recipe rather than a lunch menu discount.

Twitter: With over 200 million users, Twitter is another great place to create a following for your brand. It’s a great place to engage with your audience and keep them up to date on all of your latest adventures. Twitter provides a fun, laid-back atmosphere, so it’s the perfect venue for building an interesting and dynamic brand story.

Youtube: YouTube is the largest video-sharing network in the world, and an excellent platform to tell your brand story. It can be especially effective for businesses with lots of visuals and events. To gain a massive following on YouTube, make sure to post engaging and entertaining videos that your fans will want to share.

With the growth of social media, a storytelling approach to building a brand is critical for you to grow your business and gain customers.

How are you using social media to tell your brand’s story?

About Kay Fabella

Kay Fabella (@kayfab) is a Brand Storyteller and Marketing Consultant for small business owners. She believes that marketing is the art of telling a story that resonates with people, and enjoys helping clients from all over the world find their compelling brand story to gain customers and grow their business. A Los Angeles native now based in Madrid, she enjoys singing, travel, and a glass of Rioja wine with her Spanish tapas. For information on her individual and group training programs, connect with her on her website, Facebook, or Google+.