How to Use Facebook to Build Brand Loyalty – Are You Using These Tricks?

Facebook has come a long way since it was a mere Ivy league student database. It was once a reserved place were the elites could mingle. Fast-forward into today, with well over a billion users; businesses are all clamoring to establish their presence in Facebook.

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If you have seen the movie “The Social Networking”, you’ll be surprised that there was once a period when Facebook had more rejections than approval from investors. At present, in the industry of marketing and advertising, social media; and more particularly Facebook is alone at the top of the pile of websites where businesses are more than willing to dump their marketing budget. This has been a trend for a while. What’s even more amazing is that the size of the company who wants to establish its brand on Facebook hardly matters. Business of all sizes, big, medium or small, sees equal opportunity in Facebook as they try to get an inbound marketing company that will represent them.

If you’re planning to dip into social media marketing, don’t go in blind. Here are some of the smartest tricks you can do to make the most out of your time and investment market in Facebook:

Create multiple versions of your Facebook ad campaign

When you’re doing Facebook ads, you’ll have two options – CPM (cost per impression) and CPC (cost per click). Based on what’s working best with internet marketing gurus; it is common for them to produce a dozen variants of their ad, which are comprised of different titles and images. Because of it, there are able to filter out what are most effective and which ones are not performing. With this trick, you’ll be able to reduce the cost per click of your campaign considerably by cancelling the versions that are underwhelming.

Start thinking mobile

Unless you’re living under a rock, you should recognize that the majority of Facebook users are now accessing their social networks through their mobile device. And this trend would only grow more rampant in the near future. Therefore, you should start to consider how your Facebook business page is displayed on the small screens of tablets and smartphones. With that in mind, you should use less detailed images so that it wouldn’t look too skewed or compressed in mobile devices. In addition, you should start using less text in your posts because smartphone users do not like being greeted with a wall of text, especially if it’s coming from a small business.

Use a social media management dashboard

HootSuite seems to be the most popular service among the fleet of social media management software. With it, a social media marketer gains access to features that has aided in the success of many Facebook campaigns and in other social networking services.The service lets you in complete control of the many channels a business can advertise or market on Facebook, which includes pages, groups, events, and local listings. It is even able to track the analytics of your campaign.

These tricks are what separate the gurus of the industry. Surely, you’ve discovered a lot of articles out there promising helpful tips, but these 3 are the most revolutionary and offers the most advantages for business. Professional help from social media firms should also have these techniques incorporated in their campaigns.

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