Do Good Social Online! How to Use Social Media for Charity Fundraising

Joy! Do something GOOD with social mediaPeople are always talking about how social media makes it much easier for small businesses to reach their customers and engage the people who are most interested in what they do. But, have you ever thought about applying similar social media marketing strategies to those used by successful businesses to raise money for a good cause you care about?

Whether you manage a charitable organization yourself, or are simply a member of the community who wants to do something to help a charity, here are some ways the Web can help.

Sponsored Events — Get More People Behind You

If you are thinking about asking for sponsorship to do something like a run or other event for charity, then social media will make it a lot easier for you to not only reach more people who may be interested in giving, but also keep track of your sponsors and collect money from them when the event is complete. There are several sites where you can register your event, keep track of sponsors, and easily share the details of your sponsorship on platforms like Facebook and Twitter without being too obtrusive.

The majority of the sponsors you’ll get will be people you know, but using Facebook and Twitter to promote what you are doing allows people you don’t see all the time to find out about what you’re doing and sponsor you. Rather than just being able to raise money from your immediate family and co-workers, you have a chance to reach all of your friends, and they may share this with their own networks. If you are doing something unusual or doing something for an unusual cause, you may find that even strangers will find out about it this way and help you. Even if people live far away, they will still be able to get behind you for your sponsored event because they can sponsor you and donate money over the Internet.

Raising Awareness and Building a Presence

If you want to raise awareness as well as money for your favorite charity, social media gives you lots of ways to do it. If you are involved with the charity, you can create a Facebook page and Twitter account to promote your charity, and you can also start writing a blog. This will help people find out about what you do, and also allow them easy ways to connect with you. When they begin to follow your social media presence, it becomes easy to engage with them whenever you are doing something new or pressing for donations.

If you aren’t officially affiliated with the charity, you should look at the charity’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts and share the things they post to your friends to help spread the word. If you want to be more highly involved, you can also contact them and ask if you can write a guest post on their blog which will gain you even more exposure!

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