How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Business VoIP

Are you an entrepreneur or an owner of a small business? Are you thinking about replacing your analog or legacy phone system for a business VoIP system? This article will inform you of why a VoIP Phone System is the best option available. Here are some of the countless benefits that will result from making the switch.How Your Business Can Benefit From Business VoIP

1. Save your business cash.

The costs of the initial investment, installation, and ongoing maintenance of a business VoIP system will be drastically lower compared to a Legacy Phone System, even for just a basic set. The consolidation of data and voice onto one network, along with the simplified management of the network will allow for continuous cost savings. Your business will benefit from lower phone bills from a VoIP Phone System, which means you will have more money for other expenses.

2. Enhance your company’s productivity rates.

VoIP welcomes a variety of new productivity enhancing features that will help make communication more proficient. VoIP Phone System boasts many special features like Unified Communication, User Presence, Voicemail to Email, Web Integration, and more. For instance, unified messaging allows your voicemails to be delivered conveniently right to your email inbox. All of these unique features only available with VoIP will simplify the delivery time of information and ensure easy use.

3. Take advantage of the built-in mobility.

All of the VoIP Phone Systems offer customers at least some form of mobility that allows you to take the office with you wherever you go with an Internet connection. The VoIP system gives users the opportunity to download the 3CX phone app to run on their iPhone, Android, or Windows. Check voicemail via email, call company extensions, and make long-distance calls in a breeze virtually anywhere without any charge. Also, should your office or business have to relocate to a new area, moving is made easy with business VoIP. Simply unplug the phone set and move it to a different network outlet. It saves your business from the costly technician expenses, rewiring hassle, and phone number changes.

4. Expand your business without any headaches.

VoIP Phone Systems are now software based; therefore, they are very easy to grow. Adding phone lines, extensions, or certain phone lines is simple on this system. Just a few mouse clicks is all it takes to make these easy additions. This guarantees that no matter how far your business expands, you will be able to scale your phone system quickly and efficiently in order to avoid any lost opportunities.

5. Your business can keep the same phone number.

The phone number for your business is likely to have been published everywhere for your customers. Changing the phone number can open up a whole slew of problems for the company. But, there is no reason to worry with business VoIP Phone Systems. Their Telco friendly system allows all users the option to continue using their existing land line, or to cut the cord and retain the same number.

These benefits only scratch the surface of what a VoIP Phone System can offer to your small business. It is certainly the best option available for all business owners looking to switch to a more efficient and affordable phone system!

About Jonny Grant

Jonny Grant works with Business VoIP provider Packnet. Jonny’s role involves working with small businesses to help them find suitable and affordable VoIP solutions. He can also often be found reviewing the latest apps and trends in VoIP.