The Impact of Technology on Office Furniture

How can technology impact the way our office furniture looks like? The Impact of Technology on Office Furniture
Over the past 20 years we’ve gone from bulky computer monitors to super slim screens, so there’s no doubt that the general appearance of our offices has changed. Most businesses don’t even have computers anymore as they have the means to provide laptops for employees. In terms of interior design, every company wants to be practical. Yet, not many realize that functionality is directly linked to productivity. Workers want to feel valued, they want to do their jobs with pleasure and feel part of the community. Today’s advanced technology is a gamer changer. Here’s why:

The design of a business office promotes team work

Office furniture was once defined by one basic word: the cubicle. Employees were confined in a tiny cubicle where they had to stay for a whole day.  No fraternization was allowed back then because managers and CEOs believed that productivity can only be achieved if people worked alone. They were wrong. Today’s cubicle is no longer a cubicle – it’s a shared office desk where an average number of 4 workers cooperate and struggle to come up with brilliant ideas.

The modern day office desk is part of the modular type of furniture. It features an unusual shape; it is chic, and practical. As far as the material is concerned, glass desks are the newest trend. They add luminosity to a confined space and they have the power to convert the simplest room into a contemporary space.

Technology has completely changed conference rooms

Every business with a reputation to keep should have a well-appointed conference room available for corporate meetings and staff gatherings. Apart from suitable furniture with ergonomic chairs and a modern round table in the middle, a conference room should also be tech-friendly. Some really cool examples you might want to incorporate in the office furniture of your business:

  • Tech-charging furniture pieces
  • Table top tablets
  • Keyboard integrated chairs
  • Multi-touch tables
  • Gravity-defying counters
  • Touch-screen table tops
  • iPad-ready escritoires

These are just a few ideas that can turn a simple office furniture design into a techy environment perfect for doing business. International companies (mostly those operating in the social media domain) have decided to take a new approach on the way a business environment should look like. Ergo, names like Urban Outfitters, Google London, Facebook, Foursquare, Amazon and others, have decided that employees must feel good at the workplace in order to excel at their jobs.

These companies made use of modern technology to make their office space look exquisite. Comfortable office chairs, joint workrooms, group desks, recreational spaces, and all-new tech gadgets are truly making employees enjoy what they do. A relaxed work environment keeps people engaged, and engaged people can be extremely productive.


Advanced office furniture lasts longer

Chic office furniture pieces made of sturdy materials last longer. Although buying such pieces might seem expensive at first, your investment will definitely pay off in the long run.  Recycled plastic materials, handcrafted wood, and even patented glass can work miracles for your business. Owners should never underestimate the great power of a beautiful office design. Technological advances are here to stay, and we have to admit that gadgets can make our lives at the office a lot more pleasant, entertaining, and captivating.


If you’re a starting entrepreneur looking for his big break in the business domain, you must know that general appearance matters a lot. Investors, future employees, and customers will be drawn by the way your company looks on the inside. A properly-decorated space with practical office desks, an appealing color palette, and a welcoming vibe should be more than enough to make everyone want to know more.

Furniture can be an excellent aesthetic trigger and if people are not attracted by your business’s general appearance, they will assume it’s just not good enough. You can have brilliant ideas but if your company doesn’t emit safety investors, won’t believe it’s worthy enough. Most people assume fancy furniture is overly expensive, when it’s actually more convenient than a lot of the pieces you see in stores. If your budget is limited, you can always opt for second-hand furniture and handmade items manufactured by independent contractors. Just do your research!

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