Importance of the Brand Activation Process for Marketing Your Brand

Brands are all around us. They are what we eat, wear, use, and drink. They are an integral part of modern day living and cannot be separated from day to day life and activities.Importance of the Brand Activation Process for Marketing Your Brand

The  world is a branded place regardless of whether we want it to be or not. The perception of the brand is structured by stimuli from interactions that the user has with the brand. These stimuli are very important. Positive stimuli will mean that the user has used the brand and finds it useful therefore will use it again. Brand managers therefore need to develop proper brand activation process that enforces positive stimuli.

Brand activation is all about building a big idea and reinforcing this idea with positive stimuli to ensure that the customer begins to appreciate the brand. This involves making sure that the brand connects on an emotional level with the customer.

The stronger the emotional connection, the better off the brand will be (people will buy it more frequently). The close connection between the customer and the brand can be built through various brand experiences. These experiences are aimed at educating, motivating and interacting with the customer.

Flexibility of the Brand Activation
The best brand activation process must change and adapt to current trends in the market. The process must always remain relevant in order to become effective. The best process will always take in the customers preferences (at that time), listen to responses from customers, and make appropriate changes. Also, the activation is supposed to look into the influencing forces behind customer’s decisions when it comes to purchasing brands.

Advantages of Using Proper Brand Activation

* It can increase the amount of repurchase of the brand by customers.

* It can assist in strengthening ties with customers.

* It increases the ability of the brand to communicate in the market.

* It is an impact effective means of marketing a brand.

A good brand activation process is supportive of customers, encourages further discovery of the brand by customers, encourages knowledge of brand, encourages customers to like the brand, convinces customers, and eventually promotes the buying and re-buying of the brand.

What Brand Managers Need to Do

Brand managers need to identify clearly what the brand stands for, and who the target audience is. The process needs to be broken down into a systematic guidebook of what (and what not) to do. The process needs to have input when it comes to the brands communication system, design, and all other parameters.

Basically, the activation process is a representation of how the brand plans to approach and manage brand-marketing activities. The brand position must be clearly identified and stated. Also, the activation process needs to be entrusted to employees rather than outside forces. Employees have a better chance of making the process successful as compared to external forces like marketing consultants.

The importance of brand activation when it comes to shaping the brands future cannot be trivialized. When the process is successfully implemented, the brand is able to convince more customers while still maintaining its market share. When this process is neglected or wrongly implemented, the result is a poor performing brand. This can lead to the brand diminishing in the market.

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