Keeping Your Business Customer-Focused: Top Tips for Improving Your Customer Service

Your customers keep your business in business and what really drives success and sales in companies of all shapes and sizes is keeping both new and returning customers happy. Whether you are a product or service based business, improving your customer service can boost business no-end and it is highly recommended that employees in direct contact with the people who matter are trained to the highest standards. Customer serviceBut where do you start when improving your customer service? Check out our steps to complete customer satisfaction…

Make Your Website User Friendly

How you manage your online presence is an important part of improving your customer service and boosting business in the long run, especially if you are a predominantly online company. Making sure your website is developed, designed and maintained with your customers in mind is essential and having a user friendly interface could mean the difference between getting a sale and the customer not completing the transaction.

Just as it is important to keep your shop window tidy and attractive, it is just as essential to make a good first impression online. Make sure your website is responsive and loads quickly, is visually appealing and has the features that your customers want to ensure they stay on your site for longer. Market research is the perfect component when designing your website so speak to customers directly to gauge what they are looking for.

Exercise Common Sense

This may be an obvious one but some companies lose touch with what customer service is really about and instead get overrun with procedures that make the core principles of great customer service complicated. Use common sense as well as manners and efficiency to get back in touch with what really matters.

Update Your Telephone System

As well as interacting well online and via email, hearing a voice at the end of the phone is what most customers want so make it easy for customers to reach the people who can effectively deal with their query or complaint by keeping your phone system up to date. If your lines are regularly busy, add a voice answering service to ensure customers know how long they have to wait.

Keep it Consistent

Making sure staff members on your customer service team work in unison with each other and are all on the same page is essential when dealing with both positive and negative feedback. Training staff in the core principles of your customer service ethos as well as the company policies that keep your business ticking along is essential and gives the customers the conscientious and consistent service they expect.

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